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  1. Hello!, I just finished playing the remaster and I must say you guys nailed it. I was afraid I would be disappointed after reading some of the negative topics, but I must say I personally loved every bit and was quite happy to see the changes I wanted in there, the only thing that feels odd is the sudden music cut between some cutscenes, I hope that gets fixed and the transitions are smooth, but overall I'm very happy with this remaster. Now I do wish you guys are able to do the remasters for Sam & Max hit the road, Monkey Island 3 and the Dig.
  2. Thanks ThunderPeel, there was a report about it, but no solution was issued there and no word on it in the new patch. But I found a fix that worked for me, I added it at the top of this thread.
  3. Are you guys going to FIX the audio slowdown that apparently only occurs to Steam users on windows 7 64 bits?, it's quite annoying to quit the game every ten minutes. I'm also getting chopped sound after the patch v1.04.
  4. Hello. I just bought the game on Steam and found a bug, the audio dialogues start to slow down at some point making the game unplayable. (Steam PC version, windows 7 64bit). I also wanted to ask a question about the fonts, is there a way or can we have an option to change their size?, the art looks great but the font/texts are huge and when there are long dialogues they cover most of the screen. EDIT: HOW TO FIX IT Hey guys, I think I found a solution, it seems to be about Nvidia's virtual HDMI sound. I disabled it and the problems seems to be gone since I played for an hour straight and all fine now. I also lowered the sound rate to 44.1 just in case, here is what I did, hope it works for you too: Steps... 1. Start - Computer - Right Click - Properties 2. Click Device Manager in the left pane. 3. Open "Sound, Video and Game Controllers" 4. Right click "NVIDIA High Definition Audio" -- Select Disable 5. Right Click "NVIDIA Virtual Audio Device" -- Select Disable
  5. Thank you . The helmet took me about a full week to paint, though a good deal of time was spent waiting for each layer of paint to dry.
  6. A few weeks ago I made this tribute/fanart for Full Throttle, I wanted to capture a moment of Ben getting out of the old mine road fights as a proud winner. BONUS Last year I was invited to participate in a charity event for StarWars and I was given a Helmet to work on, so I figured I painted the old lucas adventures characters in starwars themes. It's a shame I took terrible photos though.
  7. Early this year I started using Unity 4.6 and found an asset that lets you make adventure games without coding, so I thought I would learn to use it by somewhat recreating Manny's office in 3D. This was done in about a month, I had to learn unity and adventure creator, as well as creating game ready 3D models and assets, texture atlases, etc. (it was a great learning experience). I lost all the original files when my hard drive burned down not long after I made this, but at least I got the playable test online before I lost everything. Click the link if you want to play with it----} http://www.2sinpar.com/gametest/unity5.html
  8. MI(1) SE is not a masterpiece, it was more like a testing ground for the remakes so it jumpstarted the idea of bringing the old games we love to new computers with high resolution graphics and improved gameplay. So MI:SE didn't have the best graphics and had some interface problems and it felt a bit rushed with questionable character designs, still it's fun to play and not that terrible to look at (I prefer it more than the old graphics/UI anyway - except for the close ups, the old close ups were great-). Now, MI2:SE was great on all levels, it didn't have the problems it's predecessor had, so i really really REALLY hope DOTT:SE will be very close to MI2:SE, but i have the terrible feeling it will be an engine update with forced anti-alias (I hope I'm wrong).
  9. Thank you!!! , I havent considered working on a Psychonauts piece yet.
  10. Hey, Thank you! I'm really glad you liked my work . I posted these pieces on the forum a bit before you posted this one. There is also a WIP of GF in 3D there too . here: http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/14232/
  11. Wow, this is really amazing, I would love to see a remake of Full Throttle with visuals like this.
  12. Thank you! Each piece took from 2 to 3 days, the Monkey Island piece took much more time as I had to make many sketches since I wanted to give more attention to Le Chuck and Guybrush covered way too much of him, so I spent a few evenings figuring out the pose that best fitted what I wanted to do and still look natural. Glottis and Manny in 3D were a lot faster, it took a day to model, texture and rig each since the bodies are very simple meshes with normal maps applied to them .
  13. Well, since It was just announced that Double fine is working with Sony in remastering Grim Fandango I thought it would be nice to show my fanarts Since early last year i have been making lucas arts fanarts and around October i made this Grim Fandango fanart: Last month I also wanted to make a 3D tribute of a scene from Peter Chang's concepts, but i wanted them to look more like the concepts so here are the 3D characters I made. Glottis And here he is with Manny I will be finishing this piece soon - - I also wanted to include a couple of other fanarts I made from Day of the Tentacle and Monkey Island 2. Hope you guys enjoy them
  14. @taumel: those were excellent points. @Drgeert: Exactly, if you fail to grab the attention in the first impression then there is something wrong. I also played it because I backed it up and forced me to keep playing, but half the game was quite flat, it doesn't mean the game is bad, but is not immersive, and having the notion the end is cool is not good enough drive to make you play from the start since you don't care much about the characters. @Gins: That´s another thing, there are no memorable characters and you don't get to care about the main ones either, you solve a puzzle and move on and didn't even get to know or remember the characters names because you only did one or two things with them. @wedgeski: I never felt there was any horror in the game, not even when the monster was eating the girls O_o, even the color choice didn't reflect it in any way and this doesn't help in the perception of the mood (that's why color theory exist). The humor was also way tuned down, the "fun" parts merely gave me a smirk and not a full laugh. @DerLiterat: well, bikers, pirates, undead beings, rock music, etc. are not just cool to "kids and teens", I think adults enjoy them even more than kids do, it would be the same to say that every cartoon or all animated series are just for kids mostly because they are drawn. Now, i never said the game has to be nor feel mature or adult, but it needs something wild or cool that makes you want to know about the characters and story, unfortunately the visual choice is kind of a standard in young children books and the overall feel of the game was too in tune with the visuals, so there isn't much of an excitement while playing.
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