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  1. Which is of course; fair. You don't take a game back to the store because you 'didn't like it' or the developer. Same principle. Yes, except that very post has Spaff issuing a full refund, so there are exceptions. Also, you don't publicly call a customer a jerk because he didn't like your game, but here we are...
  2. No offense, but I'd like to hear that from Spaff or another admin. If I'm special enough to get called a jerk by Tim Schafer in the documentary, I think I'm special enough to get a refund. You know, publicly shaming me while keeping my money is a bit unfair. If you want to cut ties, then at least have the decency to go all the way.
  3. I didn't want to come back here, but I e-mailed Spaff about this and got no reply, again, so here we go. Last year I asked for a refund in the backer forums (http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/12416/), after I thought that Act 1 was nothing like was promised and that I had no interest in Act 2 or anything related to this project anymore. I explained that I knew it was not the usual policy, but asked: The result was a witch-hunt from forum members who had nothing to do with the issue, followed by a denial of my request, and then by Tim Schafer literally calling me a jerk in DF's documentary. Yeah, not the most professional way to take a refund request guys, one would expect a bit more of respect for a person who believed in you and pledged $110 of his hard-earned money to help you when you needed. Now, the reason I'm back here is that just last week Spaff the administrator issued a full refund to a guy called Taumel, because he was antagonizing people and being very vocal about his disappointment, as you can see here: http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/16768/P15/ So, what's Double Fine's criteria here? I politely ask for a partial refund on the backer forums, get denied, dog-pilled and called a jerk. A guy acts like a jerk in your forums, he gets offered a full refund to go away. Is this really the message you want to send? That only those who make enough noise will get the a refund? I've been very disappointed by Double Fine lately, but I think you are smarter than this. So, one last time, can I please get a refund? PS: After the events last year, I will not reply to anyone except DF's staff. This is between me and DF, no one else has any say in it. The only reason this is here is because I e-mailed DF and got no reply. Again.
  4. You try to confirm me as a troll, but just showed definitive proof of what a blind fanboy you are... you're arguing about my position and post history all this time, but didn't even bother to read the thread, or you would have notice that Chris Remo posted a reply on page 4, denying me the refund (as well as that screen shot that you clearly only saw now). And would know that I went away as soon as he did so, only coming back now as Tim Schafer decided to call a me a jerk. This was between me and Double Fine, all the antagonizing is made by people like you, butting in a subject that does not touches you and trying to prove me as a troll and attack my reasons for a refund, while indeed fulfilling every aspect of blind fanboyism imaginable. But even that is my fault, obviously... you can't held people responsible for their actions when facing such an inflammatory man. If you consider me such a troll, then exert some self-control and stop replying. The only reason I came back now was due you going from "you have some valid points, but I have no more interest in this" to "Ha, I called his BS and backed him in a corner and he fled!" as soon as I turned my back away. You can't blame such sleazy move on me.
  5. Feedback was never my intent, stop pushing that in.. All I wanted was the refund. And I only posted here after days without any reply by e-mail, as anyone that read the post I made would know. Only AFTER they insulted me, a fan that gave $110 to their project. THAT you don't ever consider, right? And when I leave you can proudly gloat about being right and backing into a corner, right? But of course, you're the guy trying to be civil and not even taking me seriously anymore.
  6. Only you can do it, eh? Only Tim Schafer can be uncivil, eh?
  7. Oh, what happened to "you have some valid points, but I have no more interest in this"? As soon as I turn my back, you suddenly regain interest and start gloating, as if you had won anything? Such a man... you guys deserve to be fucked over by such a shitty developer.
  8. Yes, I should have know that Double Fine is so special and sensitive that simply asking for a refund in their appropriate forum would spark a massive drama and turn me into a inflammatory, antagonistic jerk. How evil I am, I even went away as soon as they replied. And don't say that I am the one splitting hairs over language, when you are the one clearly replacing my words for loaded ones. "I don't like your tone, so I'll ignore you and whatever valid criticisms you raise." No wonder you fit so well here... have fun with all your wonderful constructive criticism, while your beloved developers curse and blame everyone else for their own failures. But don't worry, you won't have to see me here anymore... unless Tim decides to call me again, that is.
  9. @Spacedad, carefully reading my OP should answer everything you posted, but since you went through the trouble of writing all this, I'll reply. Subjective, we can't agree on a definition of old-school, but the games we're talking about were played by many of us as kids (and with no guides). I hardly would call something like Monkey Island "HARDCORE", especially when compared to Sierra's titles around the same time, that were games you could actually die, fail or get stuck in a impossible situation. For the nth time, I never demanded a refund, only asked if it was possible, and then left when it was denied. Also, don't act as if you're a spokesperson of what "the myriad of other people" that backed this project wanted. We're talking about more than 90k people from all over the world, so speak only for yourself. Besides, Kickstarter is a new thing, that has no clear rules. You're telling me that it is "against the original intention" to ask for a refund, but that's your belief & moral compass, not a hard rule or anything like that. Heh, you say that after this recent episode showing DF's staff telling they don't like to read negative feedback? Even the 2PP guy interviewing talks about feedback for a harder Act 2, but Tim just dismiss it and says that "everyone but the hardcore people are satisfied"... and we all know "you can't please everyone". No, fuck that pathetic ad hominem. The points myself and other people like me are posting about the game stand by themselves, they don't need to come from "a respectful member of this community" to be more valid. This "credibility requirement" leads only to retarded circle-jerking. A bug report coming from a troll or the most active poster here has the same value, and so should any other kind of feedback. Debate the argument, not the person behind it. With a guide yes, but it took me days to get through the game when I first played it, thanks precisely to the puzzles "slowing down the narrative". Amusing, no? It's almost as if they were designed that way... You say it made interaction easier, I say it reduced the possibilities of interaction. Both of us are correct, but to you it's worth it, while for me it isn't. Think a bit about how hypocritical you're being here. I have no problem with people enjoying Broken Age, for it's accessibility and "effortless storytelling", but people like you seem bent on telling me that I can't enjoy the old games and their "limitations & pitfalls" exactly as they were... instead I have to hear how it's all nostalgia and rose-colored glasses. Cool, but wasn't this kickstarter about old fans finally getting a classic adventure from the guy that made several of the classics? Take the money from the old fans and use it to make something for the new ones, is that what you're approving here? Do you think that was the people that never heard of Tim Schafer before, or never cared about adventure games, that came in to give him money?
  10. Nice try, but I have a thick skin and was never bothered by being called bad names. The only thing that annoys me is the hypocrisy of Double Fine, with all this restrictive moderation, censorship and "be civil" bullshit, but then calling others "jerks" and "shit" in their videos. Tim can call me a jerk as much as he want, as long as I can also call him for the shitty con artist he became.
  11. Yeah yeah, we've been through those retarded arguments over and over again... you say they are still saving whales, I say they moved to save dolphins, and it's something none of us can prove. I say I funded a old-school adventure game, you say I donated to Double Fine do whatever game they wanted to make, or that their game IS old-school... None of us has teh truth in this, only differing view points on a subjective matter that has no clear definitions or rules. That's why I never demanded a refund or threatened to sue them, just asked about it, and then left when they denied it. If that alone was enough to make Tim so butthurt, he clearly isn't confident in his work...
  12. People on the Codex pointed this out for me... what a joke. I get bashed for being "uncivil" in asking for a refund, but it's ok for Tim to go on video calling me a jerk. But it's ok, call me names, hide from criticism, avoid reading bad comments, consider those like me a vocal minority, ignore feedback and then seek comfort among your circle-jerking fanboys... at the end of the day, you'll still have to face those pathetic sales numbers. Karma is a bitch, eh?
  13. Quite convenient selection of quotes... how about this one: And here we are, with a streamlined adventure game for tablets, that is everything BUT old-school. You're right, you can't please everyone; the problem is that just like every AAA publisher out there, you guys decided to please just the lowest common denominator possible... and did that with money from those old-school fans, to whom you promised a classic adventure game. Guess I'll just have to sell the swag I got and never back a Double Fine kickstarter again. If anything, I thank you for at least having the decency to reply.
  14. I don't have a cause, this forum is beyond any helping. And I have no restrains against insulting something that deserves it.
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