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  1. In OpenGL the each sample in the output buffer (the result of the rendering) is referred to as a fragment and can cover less or more than one actual pixel depending on the resolution.
  2. Hi Marco. The incompatible format issue was probably due to the same reason that zeta1 mentioned above, that the file got saved in a different encoding format. I resaved your file using notepad++ and I started fine on my computer, oh and I added the variable for the laser door so that should be open now =D. https://www.dropbox.com/s/1vnkfjhh04mzzwk/auto_scientist_bug_fixed.sav zeta1, it seems like it would be a good idea to add a big *make sure to create a backup before doing anything to your savefile* at the top of the OP, and add a bullet point about using notepad++ when editing the files. Please do remember to make a backup if you are tinkering with the save file so you have something to revert to in case anything goes wrong!
  3. Thanks zeta1! I was a bit hesitant when I tinkered around earlier to move the scientist down to the other, since I didn't know if I had to leave the same way I came in. Since that wasn't the case I did as you suggested and now I'm done with the Monk trials . Fun fact, I wanted to see if it was the fact that someone was holding the feather that caused the game to get stuck on loading, so I got a save where no one was holding the feather and changed its LastValidCheckpoint value to make it spawn above the bridge where I could pick it up. This worked fine and the feather spawned by the Scientist, but when I tried to changed the spawn position for the knight and the monk to that checkpoint as well it got stuck loading again. So there seems to be something I'm not seeing that interferes with the game loading correctly. Oh well, I'm done with savegame tinkering for now as the game is unglitched.
  4. Sure, I'll attach the save file in this post https://www.dropbox.com/s/92p21vwli10be4z/auto_Copy.sav DF Justin said that the glitch should be fixed in the next patch, so I'm only tinkering with the save file for the fun/challenge of figuring out how to undo the glitch. If more people like to have a go at it, why not . *edit* Seems like attaching it to the post as a fake picture didn't work so changed it to dropbox link.
  5. If I'm reading the file correctly it seems that there are one LastValidCheckpointVolumeName for each character in each run of the cave. So since I'm on my second playthrough I have a total of six LastValidCheckpointVolumeName variables.
  6. Thanks for the tip zeta1! After reading your post I tried a different variant to fix the monk glitch. By locating CaveCharacterSaveData I could figure out where my characters where spawning and I changed the value of LastValidCheckpointVolumeName so all three characters above the bridge so that I could break it again. The only problem with this solution is that if one of characters I move is holding the feather (needed to break the bridge if I remember correctly) than the game gets stuck at the loading screen. So I probably need to find some more variable to move the feather as well or something. Will play around with it some more later, mostly for the fun of trying to fix it .
  7. Thanks for the heads-up Justin! Good to know that you won't loose the cave paintings by starting a new game, was a bit hesitant about doing that in case I would loose the paintings. Might start a new game then with the Monk and the characters I haven't tried yet if the urge to play gets to bad before the patch is live . @JundtDH Before making the thread I checked a walkthrough just in case it wasn't a glitch and just me missing something, as it turns out I need all three characters to complete the puzzle I'm currently on so no luck of having them warped to me =(.
  8. Good suggestion, tried that but unfortunately they just spawned back inside the complex. I assume you have to pass some point above the bridge to get a respawn point on that side.
  9. When I started up The Cave I noticed that I had run into a kind of game breaking glitch. I had just completed the second monk trial and when I fired up the game again today I noticed that the bridge you need to break in order to get to the underground complex for the monk segment had mysteriously returned. Now this wouldn't be that much of a problem except that two of my characters are in the complex and one is above ground and since you need all three characters to break the bridge I can't get her back down and I can't continue as I need all characters inside the complex to complete the monk trials. Is there anything I can do to solve this so I can continue or do I need to start a new game?
  10. Even though it seems grim at times I find these episodes very inspiring to see how you guys handle the planning and figure out what the best course of action is. Best of luck reds team. Oh and Tim, the 3 inches of blood t-shirt was awesome. Reminded me that I need to go back and listen to some Forest King and Goat Riders Horde.
  11. A good compromise for double-click to fast travel vs enjoying the scenery in my opinion is to only allow fast traveling to areas you previously been to. Having fast traveling makes item hunting so much more bearable. I guess making all items you need a solve a puzzle local to the scene where the puzzle takes place would solve that as well. But that would come with its own set of problems such as combination puzzles would become trivial or the scene would need to be padded out with junk items. Oh, and great sidequest. I really felt like playing Full Throttle after watching it, to bad it's not available at any of the digital platforms.
  12. I assume that each client in multiplayer calculates and render their own audio. Split-screen might be a bit trickier, the naive way would to render all sound twice if you have to listeners for the same pair of speakers, but that might sound weird if both of you is close to the sound source. I'll have to pay attention the next time a try a split-screen game. Oh okay, I misunderstood you the first time. Then yes absolutely it's more work to be done in a game since the sounds has to sound good at all distances from listener, so you would need to fade between different versions of each sound and use effects to simulate how sound changes over distance. I guess it's a bit simpler when working in 2D since you often have very tight control of the distance to the sound emitters. If they are in the distance into the screen then they will usually stay at that distance since you can only move into the screen at certain places in 2D-games. You could still have things of to the left or right of you that produce sounds which will change as you get closer to them, but as I recall from 2D games it's usually only things on the current screen that produce sounds (unless they are set pieces).
  13. In games you also know where the listener is at all times since 3D audio is rendered in real-time. The actual audio clip is recorded in mono and the sound engine handles panning and volume based on the location of the sound emitter and the listener. I don't have any experience with film making but I guess it's the same with audio as with graphics, since they don't have to render in real-time they can spend time rendering tonnes of audio sources and do sounds bouncing of surfaces or other fancy stuff.
  14. Great post, thanks for an interesting read Anna. FMOD Designer seems like a nice out-of-the-box solution for sound designers to quickly start creating complex effects . How smooth was the integration from FMOD Designer to the engine? Do sound designers define variables to use as axis for the graphs, e.g. speed, and programmers then connect that to the proper variables in the engine or can the engine expose variables to Designer for them to choose from? I've been toying around with sound integration a bit so I jumped at the shot to ask some questions.
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