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  1. Interesting idea, can be cool ^^ Liking the idea of contrast between the two too
  2. Well that ending made me laugh Also I like the news that you'll be withholding alot of the story from the videos and what not. I wonder if there'll be any chance of a bonus video after the game is made with conversions and clips on the making of the story for people to watch after they've finished the game (Or before if they don't care able spoilers, but care about how development of a story in a game is made)?
  3. Well that made me giggle All are awaomse but I guess I'll vote for the light
  4. Interesting post Nice to slowly start getting an idea of how this game may look :3
  5. It would be cool if there was a easter egg with this in the game or something, however I wouldn't be upset if it wasn't. Eather way it's quite hard to think of how to get one in the game without much knowing more of the game itself, or at least in my opinian
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