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  1. The worst of both worlds is hotspot highlighting which isn't correct (and I've played games like that). Given the choice when I'm stuck of running the cursor all over the screen to see if I've missed a hotspot, or pressing spacebar for instance to show the hotspots I'll press the spacebar. Opinions vary.
  2. Rewarding to watch that episode thanks, a lovely insight into the game development process. Sad to see good ideas heading for the cutting room floor, but a game should have a consistent vision which normally is going to be one person's vision. Eagerly waiting this game!
  3. Thanks for that! I find these kind of updates very interesting! A bit surprised you rated Android as hardest to debug needing print statements in the code, but one lives and learns.
  4. Thanks for sharing those bugs! Other people's bugs are fascinating. Game developers have the disadvantage most of their problems have to be found by carbon based lifeforms, 3D graphics requires skill to understand, but there are some very complicated business systems out there.
  5. I like Daedalic's games that I've played, and great that they're continuing to produce games. I hope to play "Broken Age" in some form in due course, but not sure my getting worked up about it is going to achieve anything past getting worked up about it. Not all the Kickstarter horses I've backed are going to come in first I'm sure.
  6. Another vote for space bar to pause, escape to skip. But humanity is pretty adaptable, and I look forward to being in "Broken Age"'s world long enough to adapt to whatever gets implemented.
  7. Thanks for the reply DF, that you're aiming high and sharing with us these behind the scenes details. While I envy you working on "Broken Age" I don't envy you trying to get the game to perform across so many platforms which will be moving targets.
  8. Sorry for going off topic, but yes I still happily read the World of Tiers series. I have the Phantasia editions of some of the books. Author with a wonderful universe sized imagination.
  9. I'm impressed by someone recognising where I got my forum name from! I read and watch stuff from a wide range of timezones.
  10. More than a bit late but I'd like to add my appreciation of this great update. Very interesting details, and hope to see more along this line! Eye-opening how deep down the stack Broken Age is being implemented, right down to the metal. Is that a limitation of the available game frameworks like Moai at the moment? Or that the envelope is being really pushed here?
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