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  1. I have to admit, until the end, I found myself thinking through most of the video "Did seriously only ONE woman submit to this thing?" They tucked a couple more short clips with women in at the end, but still, yeah, it felt a little lopsided. They included several non-Americans, and one token non-pasty-white-guy guy, but overall, yeah, the homogeneity gave me the same queasy feeling that Indie Game Movie gave me: "Either this depiction isn't a representative depiction of this community, which is sad...or it is a representative depiction, and that's even sadder..."
  2. My playthrough of the prototype

    While I love the art direction and tone, and personally didn't have any trouble with the WASD controls (the girl would 'catch' when I overshot edges, and with judicious camera control and careful stepping, I could get around fine), I haven't yet completed the demo and have quit in frustration twice - it's quite unforgiving and very anxiety-inducing, design-wise! The visuals, sounds, and overall atmosphere are gorgeous, though. The bridge is a bit of a babel-fish puzzle, constantly producing unpredictable fail-states that are required to figure out the puzzle. When I finally got that bridge to fall flat and the bloody thing fell out from under me as I crossed it I couldn't help but laugh out loud - it was like a sadistic punchline to the puzzle. There's as much MegaMan 9 DNA in here as ICO, I think. What consistently leads me to quit, however, is that every failure beyond that point re-spawns me to before that bridge (and typically a broken version of the bridge which appears down, but which functions as if it is up). This makes dealing with the crane extremely anxious and unforgiving business, and strongly discourages experimentation and exploration. I know if I don't get this exactly right I'll be sent a half-level back and have to re-do the blasted bridge with its tetchy collision detection. I'll likely just watch a playthrough video. I'm being overly critical, though, probably as I've come here immediately after playing. I voted for the White Birch, I'm glad I did, and I'm glad I've gotten to play it. It was a joy getting to see Andy lead the team in his genial, aesthetically-focused way, and I think the team did a great job with the time they had.
  3. 2PP AF Daily Videos

    So, it looks like they uploaded videos 9 + 10 simultaneously? (I was up refreshing last night, and it only went up to episode 8, this morning 9 and 10 are up). And because of the weird "only stream the newest episode" setup, I have to spend 3 hours downloading a HQ version of a 30-minute video just to see episode 9, since there's no streaming option. I know, first-world problems, but it's kind of an irritating, non-user-friendly setup they have here.
  4. AF Kickoff livestream happening now!

    My SEAMS! They are BURSTING with joy!
  5. AF Kickoff livestream happening now!

    I'm a little confused - Black Lake didn't make it into the final four, but Levi was just presenting it on the livestream - is it going to get made, or did other "runners-up" get to talk about theirs, and I missed that bit?
  6. I just saw this post thanks to the backer email sent out recently. I love love love love this style, and (as an animator, too) see it as a totally awesome and valid aesthetic choice and not some sort of "boobie prize" we get because "traditional animation"* is too awesome and expensive for us. I'm all for a game with an animation style that evokes the likes of Yuri Norstein, arguably the greatest animator in history, rather than one that apes the same cel-animated style used in a million generic TV cartoons and insipid Disney movies. This demo footage already looks a million times better than the Whispered World, which was an object lesson in how cel animation doesn't magically keep a game from looking bland and soulless and being populated with irritating and ugly characters with awkward, choppy movements. I am so excited to see this style further refined, and think it's an awesome direction to go in. Thanks so much for a window into this process. (And, incidentally, a look at Yuri Norstein's character-based stuff like Hedgehog in the Fog or Tale of Tales could provide the DF animators with visual solutions for making a "cut out" figure appear to move and rotate in space - though he obviously didn't have rigs to wrangle). *"traditional animation" is kind of a daft misnomer for cel animation, which was in fact predated by various forms of stop-motion, puppetry, and cut-out animation in trick films and so on, which are arguably more "traditional." Better terms than "traditional" for describing cel animation could include "commercial," "ubiquitous," or "generic-looking."
  7. I'm actually glad Kotaku "leaked" this, as it led me to check in on the donator's forum and see these lovely videos! A fair amount of my personal work is sort of painterly/cut-out Yuri Norstein style stuff done in After Effects, so I am REALLY feeling this style already, and enjoying the texture and depth and the way the elements come together. As a tonal experiment, I'd call it a major success. It retains the 2-D, illustrative qualities that fans are paying for, but is innovating on that paradigm in interesting new ways that I don't think have really been done before in a game.