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  1. I do hope some DF artists can help contribute back art when modders inevitably end up doing coder-graphics, and that would be more than enough to cover my disappointment about the early release - and/or that the release contains assets that lend itself to modifications and not just baked assets. Actually I was one of those backers who did follow this game mostly because of its potential moddability having seen what people did to the prototype (they were nice to it). I'm also curious as to how far this can go for engine modifications. Eg. multilevel bases and asteroids would add so much more depth (literally and pun was truly not intended) to the game.
  2. I disagree, since the development is something i like seeing, but a legend would help a lot to avoid overlapping text. Potentially the legend could also be used to filter the needs and/or highlight the corresponding graph when hovered. Bars is just lost screen-estate IMO.
  3. things i heard: a) oh is it out? b) what game? (oh THAT game!) c) i will buy it after act 2 so. massive campaign it has to be.
  4. Since Schafer was hot on something mechanics driven, perhaps combine it with some stealth undercover lumberjack action? Or tactical fine-carpentry, building an furniture sales-empire to stand up to the wooden dominion. Show that adventure and game-mechanics combine. And second the music - it's clearly my favourite in the game. Whatever that lumberjack did to the trees, it must have been epic, and that story must be told.
  5. Not Featured Linux Game tho, and easily above those on top now. Perhaps that will change before I manage to write this post tho.
  6. His point stands. I played through Full Throttle in a single sitting and my objection as a 16 year old was that it was too easy. It was only upon replaying a decade later that I figured I was being 16 year old and just giving in to my mindset.
  7. The propellers on the buildings in the background of the cloud colony seem to have a sorting issue going on (so you get this "inverted" look, reminiscent of the rotating ballerina effect) GPU is a NV Quadro FX 4600 - factory settings.
  8. Maybe it will be better when the galaxy generator is more complete. Eg meteor-type and -density could depend on the location. A section with people sleeping was targeted. I had no alarm so in desperation I de-zoned the area, but it nothing happened. The meteors hit the beds with the sleeping crew who kept sleeping while the bed was burning. I rezoned the area again, and they immediately woke up and put the fire out.
  9. Couldn't it be so that equipment and rooms could unlock aspects of the graph? Perhaps one could access the graphs via equipment as well, so that the graphs themselves are generated by the equipment and are thus at mercy of the simulation (Power gone = No graphs, not even recorded). Perhaps some stats would be recorded by staff as well, since there's a big chance that space is bureacratic.
  10. Monitor, pre-amp and microphone. You get two great, one terrible. What do you pick? Ok it's hard to make a great dilemma. But what are the essentials of recording a great voiceover? Especially if you are somebody who hasn't voiceacted and technical skills aren't that great.
  11. Perhaps it should teach skillsets or perks instead of just levelling. It could cause some variation instead of just being some rpg-mechanic.
  12. Oh, I intended to include a tiny list of plants in my post. I'm not exactly very good at english, so excuse the poor language & attempt at humour. Ornamental grass. Covers the whole tile. Perhaps for use in other areas as well, eg sports-hall or picnic-bay. Dextremitor. Top-open barrelshaped plant with a tooths on the inside wall and a smooth but convulsive exterior. A dangerous weapon in the wrong hands. Popular ornamental garbage bin. Flourbush. A geneticially modified type of grain that grinds its seeds into floor. Obviously sterile but marketing failed to see the flaw. Perennial modifications makes it somewhat useful. The single large grass blade. A sort of reverse bonzai; enlargening common grass is the most popular variant. Very treasured amongst the upper class since they can live for hundreds of years. The pineapple tree. The seed lineage of pineapple is lost to history, but this is a recreation based on historical electronic records. Mainly used as ingredient for making traditional hawaiian burgers. Mixed nuts bush. Obvious improvement. Chilinuts as well. Rubberball tree The fruit is slightly translucent, in assorted primary colors. Due to its volume it has a very effective photosynthesis, and is thus a possible resource for matter. In areas native to the tree they cause massive damages to property and people in the autumn. Taste great with vanilla sauce.
  13. It is also a reasonable place to make more involved item-mechanics etc, I guess. Besides, it's one of the more realistic issues you will have on a real spacebase. Again, Spacestation13 has tons of mechanics that should be liberally stolen. Eg radiation gives chance for mutated plants, but crosspollination might go be overboard, even if we all want tomaccoplants to be a thing. One list can be found here: http://wiki.nanotrasen.com/index.php?title=Guide_to_hydroponics Plants could have medical effects (and effictively be used to supply the medbay) and be used for stimulants (potentially require higher rating aside). But I want all the popular veggies and herbs - the spacepeople need delicious food. I rather have carrots, tomatoes and so on rather than fantasy-plants, because it is easier for these to constitute ingredients for food, rather than having tons of alien plants that does not telegraph a potential use. I hope there could be some ripple effect: great work in the garden leads to the pub being able to make better food, or a saboteur could cause mayhem by supplying questionable vegetables.
  14. A computer or device that control the orbit of the station. Orbit impacts solar cells (?) and is also a fun way to doom the station to a fiery destiny.
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