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  1. I've also had this problem on OSX 10.8.5. I get the cursor to go away by putting the game in windowed mode and activating expose. Then when I return to the BA window, the system cursor isn't attached to the game cursor and I can go back into full screen without the system cursor in the center.
  2. Hey Tim, Why juice instead of smoothies made of the same thing? Aren't you missing out on the fiber in the fruits and vegetables? Although, it may be too much fiber with all the things you are using... Why not throw some stuff in a nice blender (vitamix/blendtec or any that will blend it down sufficiently) and drink it as a smoothie occasionally? Just curious.
  3. User error I think. I completely closed the app and opened it again and then I realized she wasn't on the active list (but still showed up in the office). Now they both show up in the lists for motivation, etc.
  4. Actually, it looks like she doesn't appear in the list when I click on the bed or punching bag either. I can get her to rest or train by clicking on her and assigning her to do one of those two things though. I know no workaround for the morale though
  5. I'm only able to boost the morale of my first hired hero by motivation. My second hero never appears on the list and is very sad now. Am I missing something or is this a bug?
  6. I didn't end up voting at all. Reasons being: 1. by the time I got to the page the pitches I liked the most were way too far behind 2. completely forgot to come back to the page to vote since the last week has been somewhat hectic. Suggestion: Next time don't show the number of votes so people don't get swayed in a certain direction (just in case).
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