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  1. Arrrrrgh, full screen doesn't work for me so when I set the resolution down it seems to force full screen which means I can't do 8bit!
  2. Has anyone noticed that you can type during the backer credits and it seems to search? e.g. I type "Rude" and it jumped down to the J's for a Gertrude.
  3. I also noticed the neck-over-the-face trick. SO AWESOME TO BE PLAYING BROKEN AGE. sorry, got a little excited there. Also, Windows 8.1, Nvidia GeForce GT 525M video card
  4. Windows 8.1 on a laptop with NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M Steps: Fresh install, play game, options, full-screen (Full screen was cranked up to 1920x1080 by default, the same as my desktop.) What happens: Game goes full screen and sound effects continue but redraw is glitched and unchanging. A view that appears to be parts of the main menu screen. As I try and move the mouse I hear the menu roll-over sound effect like the screen is still working but I can't see it. The settings get saved and subsequent starts go straight into the glitched full screen mode. Workaround: go into C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Broken Age\saves and delete "game.settings" file.
  5. I have a HB account with the same e-mail address as Kickstarter (AFAIK) and they sent me a direct email with a link to the HB claim page. The e-mail is "from" noreply@humblebundle.com. I followed the link, "claimed it" for my HB account and also clicked the "claim steam key". They required me to log in to the steam website rather than just dumping a text key to the screen so it was directly attached to my steam account by the HB web site.
  6. I'm totally cool with the new release plan. The episode does a good job at covering the situation. Hopefullly non-backers will get the idea that: 1) the original kickstarter was a $400,000 game and 2) Tim et.al. kciked out a totally awesome series of design decisions that wasn't tied to a budget or even a solid cost forecast 3) re-scoping is always a part of the beast and 4) all the DF managers/designers have toiled hard to create a funding and release plan that gets us MORE GAME than we paid for without sacrificing quality. Thanks for all the hard work!
  7. It's basically the technical linchpin of the project. Really, really? Sims Wikia link Most sources point to such content.
  8. I'm totally trying this! I don't know if I could handle a pen+paper but I'm always near a keyboard. It has the potential to have be get distract or violate the rules but I like the point system too... hopefully this will work for me
  9. Thank you for sharing the details about freewriting. I think I may of heard the term in passing but never knew what it was. I like you technique and I'm hoping it will help me... I'm an engineering graduate student and writing is a nasty beast wrapped around a heart of fear and cloaked with self doubt. I hate writing and writing hates me.
  10. I had some initial buffering issues even on SD but was able to switch to HD and watch the whole movie. Chrome, Win-7 64bit. *edit: forgot to mention... in full screen the play/pause/button bar did not auto-hide.
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