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  1. I'd like to try and add a bit more to the thread but here's what I have so far. A level where you have to save people under water or in space. The amount of people you save is dependent on ether your strength or life. Maybe it's seen as more of a bonus level, where it shows up rarely but when it does you could use your strongest hero and see how many people you can save. Different levels would be nice. I was hoping that after I got to different areas in the game I would see different levels while I'm fighting. Can there be animation in the level like fighting on top of a moving train? Retro Man - A 1970/80 technological savvy man/woman that uses VHS tapes and Floppy Disks for his weapons. Super Middle Manager - The Middle Manager gets to go out and see some Justice in his Alien Movie inspired robot suit. (On a side note) I also like Crimebot the best because he reminds me of Bender from Futurama.
  2. Great job on the game guys. Really love the art style and it's such a breath of fresh air compared to other games out on the market. Also I love the fact that I can play as long as I want. But the side effect to this is that a friend and I have already gotten through all the content in about 2 days (too). Now I have tons of money and don't have anything else to research or practice. January can't come soon enough. Also I've found that Sweet Justice rock throw and Crimebot's rockets and incredibly over powered. Even at level two I was able to take out a crowd of 8 bad guys in one hit.
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