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  1. Hello All, I'm interested on helping with the modding. I'm learning Lua since i have never program on that language. I have been installing all the necessary tools to compile Muai with LuaJit 2.02 since the binaries for Muai include LuaJit 2.03 and the scripts from DF have a specific version requirement. On that note, does the game run's completely on Lua? I copy all that was inside the Data folder to another location to start tweaking with it and I'm wondering if you can run the main.lua and debug the game as you would with any other program that has the source files? if i required the space.exe to check the license, im ok with that but i would love to be able to debug the scripts. Thank you for any response and Merry Xmas to all
  2. I have to say that after watching this episode.. THANK YOU, a thousand times THANK YOU!. This documentary clearly shows the love you guys have to this game. For me.. it was almost perfect as a game, I felt it needed harder puzzles but that is it.. the games exudes care in all aspects. Thank you for all the time you sacrifice with your family and love ones. Special thanks to the poor Audio guy.. THANK YOU. Tim.. That watering eye when the live feed of the game says.. this is a good game congratulations.. just knock me over. I felt like hug you ( and then having beers because you know.. we must behave macho! ). I was on the fence to buy DF9.. after seeing the care you put to games.. you guys deserve to succeed big, Just please... don't become EA! .
  3. Right. You couldn't make them nowadays. But that, as I understood, was exactly the reason Tim went to KS, wasn't it? He wanted to make an "old school" adventure game. I think even those exact words popped up. So yeah, I agree with the people before me. There should be weird, strange, bizarre puzzles that make you give up for half a day while you mull over the problem in your head. After all, the new, softer, stream-lined version of adventure games is something I can still buy today elsewhere. This is Exactly the feeling I was hoping for, the giving up of the puzzle just to try the next day when your brain goes: how about this?. and that AHA! moment when you get the puzzle. Love the Art, love the music, i have not finished Vella side but on Shay side puzzles were too easy. Voice acting was also superb!. Come one Tim.. hit us with the twisted labyrinth that your mind can create .
  4. I have not finish the game just the part of the boy ( 1hr and 20 min ). I Love the Art is beautiful and the music too. I have to agree that the puzzles are way to simple, I spent most of my time looking at the art that thinking how to resolve the puzzle. Tim, if you can please increase the difficulty in the second part please . If the game continues on this course I would not be mad since I have love the whole process i just have to agree that it would not be an amazing game just an amazing adventure as a whole.
  5. Xaromir, yesterday there was a bug where you could not select any bunk bed in the profile generation. after the update ( which was release also yesterday ) everything run smoothly for me.
  6. Re-Download.. same problem. it looks like I would start with another game until this is figure it out.
  7. I was so exited to play psychonauts bought the Hib and im using the steam version. i got the same problem of one steam user where you cant select bunk beds. "After the intro videos, I can't select the Bunk Beds.. " Check the cache.. told me about a file not begin able to verify and will download again.. it did.. same error.. I'm deleting the whole thing and download it again. OS windows 7 64 bit ultimate. I'll post with the results of the re-download of the game
  8. I am loving the way DF is going with the transparency and handling of the project. In my world we have PM's not Producers but they do the same thing you do. ( or I should say they try to ). I Know this is not a reward but this updates would be available to have them in a PDF format? Love the programming, the money etc.. I think is a pretty good use case to reference.
  9. I do not understand how amazon payments has nothing to do with this since I paid using that. When you Pledge you can use your amazon account ( and the credit card associated with it ).
  10. I have to come on board with this. I love that you guys ask us if it was ok to allow people to jump into the pool after kickstarter ended. The updates are incredible ( specially the art and programming for me ). Thank you!
  11. Interesting. So Amazon Payments is the Kickstarter route? or is treated as a contract?
  12. Why do you think is too far to ask for the money back?. It wont affect inXile, they are selling pre-orders and even allowing to up the pledge. I don't think the development will suffer and since there is no communication from Brian beside a twitter. I think not many people is asking for money back. I also think is good business practice not having discontent clients by giving my money back I'm not longer discontent. If someone wants their money back and no service has been rendered or offered I don't see how they can refuse.
  13. Just want you guys to know that I backed Wasteland 2 and because of this "move" and my only way to protest against EA is not helping getting them rich. I pulled my donation. I contacted inXile and ask for my money back. They just refund my money. I wish them well but I would not support a company that behaves like EA no matter if they distribute games or sell ice cream.
  14. English is not my first language so i might have misunderstood, but shouldn't the HD downloads of the documentary be available to backers 30 or more... not only over 30? ( HD download >= 30 )
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