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  1. You make it sound like it was supposed to ship immediately after payment. The game is finished for over a year and the end of the campaign ist four years ago. Should we wait another year or more until the documentation is finally finished? In February were told that "We're about a month away from going into full production." Now, two months later, the documentation is still not finished and the Backer get few to no information. That annoys me.
  2. Anything new about the finishing date of the Blu-Ray? May ist coming and still no big backer-box - more then four years after paying.
  3. I see all the Projects you are making and still waiting for the Big Box - four years after the end of the Kickstarter-Campaign and soon one year after release of act two. It must have been a big surprise that the documentation still needs to be revised . Why 2PP has done this already, while the game was programmed? And why it look like, that there is no progress since the last weeks. "We hope to get this out before the end of the year" - wich year? 2016, 2017? I´m getting a little bit angry now. There is no box, no information and thats the reason why I didn´t pledged for psychonauts 2.
  4. I remember that the publication was scheduled for autumn . I hope that I can get the box in my Hands until Christmas.
  5. Thanks for this Information Greg.
  6. What is with a date for release Act 2? In the last updates it sounds, as act2 will take a lot of more time. I´m asking me, if I will see Act 2 and my 100$-Tier Box in 2014 :-(
  7. You'll find downloads in your Humble Library under Amnesia Fortnight 2014. We'll be trying to get videos up on the stream and in the library around the same time. I believe that one difference this year is that videos will be going up on Youtube to view instead of being hidden behind a Vimeo paywall. I have still no videos in my humblebundle-libary. What is wrong? Were are the videos?
  8. Game also not running her when it´s startet with steam :-(
  9. But that ist not, what 2PP postet her last week. Now I'm a little upset because I had actually planned to look at the videos on the way to work on the train. But without possibility to download the video It does not work :-(
  10. Still missing the video in my humblebundle-library - only see the day 0-video on youtube. But I want to download the episodes to watch them on my way to work on train.
  11. When will the first episode arrive in my humblebundle-account? The AF14 starts yersterday and i did´nt find it there.
  12. I am also sad, Eras Of Adventure was my absolutly favourit. And my other votes also didn´t nominated :-(
  13. It´s my first Amnesia Fortnight and now I am happy to be a part of it. Who will I found the daily vidoes for download? In my Humblebundle-Libary?
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