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  1. It is so hard picking just 3... There were so many good pitches that I've changed my 3rd vote several times now
  2. Finding that puzzle sweet spot between illogical nonsense and blatantly obvious seems to be tricky Content-wise, the "beta" is the complete first Act. It's only beta in that it's got some bugs and hasn't been officially released to the general public.
  3. Good review, and quite valid. As someone who has also been playing adventure games for 20 years, I still loved it... But it's definitely more The Walking Dead vs. The Secret of Monkey Island, in terms of puzzles. It was on the easy side of things -- getting stuck was more like not knowing what to do for 2 minutes, and then stumbling head first into the solution -- but it resulted in a more smoothly flowing story than say, Deponia. Regarding the controls... I got used to them, but dragging items vs. clicking them did annoy me.
  4. Sure it could! See: The Walking Dead and the Wolf Among Us(both of which I loved).
  5. I think it starts off as subjective criticism but devolves into rude babbling. Ranting about the budget and the whole "two man team" part just makes you sound... ignorant.
  6. I managed to do it the right way thankfully... I was avoiding the holes after falling through them in previous areas. They probably should've made the right hole past the tree so people didn't fall through accidentally.
  7. I clicked everything, and listened to every line of dialogue and it took me a little over 3 hours to finish. I only got "stuck" a few times, but it wasn't like getting stuck in old school adventure games. Getting stuck in Broken Age is pausing to wonder what to do next... Getting stuck in a 80s-90s adventure game meant spending hours(if not days!) trying seemingly random things. Does that mean BA was too easy? Not overly, for me. I like when a game flows at a reasonable pace. One of my biggest gripes with Daedalic's games is that there is no flow to the story because of artificial, illogical puzzles interrupting it every step of the way. On the other hand, you have TTG's most recent games(TWD and TWAU), which really don't have puzzles at all. I think BA was the right mix of puzzle and story for me. As a sidenote, I just checked Steam to see how long it took me to play Monkey Island: SE -- it was 5 hours. Of course, I've played through it numerous times since I first played it as a 12 year old in 1991... It probably took me 20+ at LEAST back then.
  8. I had the same bug as Shay. It was in mother's control room for the first time once being free to move around the ship. I was speaking to her, several of her and Shay's lines did not play. When the conversation ended, there was a loud tonal sound like in the OP's video. Restarting fixed it.
  9. Same. I'm not a slacker backer, and I just chose "Claim Past Purchases" and it was there
  10. That's what I got from it as well. It works too, since it's a giant ball of eyes and tentacles that rises out of the sea. I really don't understand what it has to George Lucas and how he named things.
  11. It's hard to believe that I'm actually going to be playing Broken Age soon. It's always seemed so far off. I can't wait
  12. That is the only thing that matters to me... That the project happens, and that it is good. If all someone cares about is the rewards, they have missed the point of the Kickstarter completely.
  13. I believe my first adventure game memory was Maniac Mansion on the C64... I just watched my older brother play it(that and Ultima 3), since I was probably about 5 or 6 years old. Once we had our XT or whatever it was(5 1/4" floppy, no hard drive), we started playing the early Sierra games(I remember Space Quest 2, and Kings Quest 1 specifically). He always played, and I would offer "helpful" advice. It wasn't until I was about 11 or 12 that I started to actually play games... It was about the same time that I inherited my brothers old, upgraded PC... a 286 with a 40 mb hard drive, IIRC. That Christmas, I received Monkey Island and Loom packaged together.
  14. Separating the artist from the art is all good in theory... but if the artist is using their money/fame to actively work against what I believe in? I'm sorry. I can't. I don't begrudge anyone who does back him though. Sidenote: I never played Neverhood, so I wouldn't have back Armikrog anyway.
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