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  1. I voted vertical, but I will be happy with whatever box I am sent.
  2. Thanks for posting this! I didn't expect to see it broken down like that, but it is really cool to see cost details. I have often wondered how much money the different rewards cost on Kickstarter projects, and this one was no different. Thanks for the info
  3. There's nothing wrong with letting backers have a say in the games. They don't need to direct where the story will go or how the game will be played. Backers getting a say could be as simple as, "Pick which character model you like best!" or, "Which piece of music should we use in this room?" They are choices that won't make or break the game, but that many backers would like having a hand in picking. Also, if the developers are borderline on an idea they can ask the backers what they think, like a 90k member focus group.
  4. This will be great! And thanks to the people at Double Fine for giving us the chance to be part of this.
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