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  1. Sure thing, all contributions are welcome.
  2. I've played only version 1.0, never played any of it before. I finished the game on normal, non-iron man. I found MC quite fun to play and here is my feedback: The good * The game is definitely fun! Thanks for giving us a turn based tactical game. * Relics are a super fun way to differenciate heroes. This was the only way I was able to differenciate a hero from someone else. * The mixed classes are a very nice touch. Bravo! I also liked that the classes felt somewhat unique. * The whole idea of dinasties of heroes is very cool. * I really enjoyed the final fight, but it was a bit on the easy side (normal difficulty) with a full hoster of lvl 10 heroes all with relics. The room for improvement * I never knew who were my heroes, what house they belonged to, etc. I believe this was because they looked very similar to each other. Hero customization could go a long way here (simple things like name and color would help, no need for fancy haircuts). One thing that could really improve your sense of "wow, this hero rocks" are stats: number of enemies killed, number of missions, etc. * Too much randomness: most (if not all) options on events can go either way. While this is good for replayability, it feels pretty random, kind of like it doesn't really matter what you choose, you might have bad luck or good luck, which is frustrating, because the player feels there is no control. (IF there are some stats checked against a dice roll, it really did not seem so, it felt only random). This was especially agravated by my lack of connection to any hero, so I would often not care what would happen to them, because I didn't know them. * It is really annoying that you can't tell the class of your heroes just by looking at the UI in tactical mode. Since their house banner or names never meant anything to me, I had to click on all of the available heroes to plan my tactics. Pair this with the lack of differentiation in the first point and you are never able to tell at a glance what is going on. * Sometimes I would not see enemies, even when my heroes saw them: seen enemies outside the screen could have a arrow or something on the edge of the screen showing where they are. And/or (like XCOM) there could be an enemy icon on the screen for each seen enemy, so you would click it and the camera would center on it. * Repeated enemies: the game could benefit from more enemy types (not only advanced). It was especially disappointing that there was no new type on the final fight. * Environments are a bit repeated too. Oh, and I really disliked the "space-like" map with those "egg-like metal structures". * The story is a bit disappointing. I felt all I did was useless, as the Chalice also points out. * No place for stealth in the final fight: all my hoster was all composed of stealthy characters, so I felt cheated when I realized in the final fight there was no place to hide. * I spent half the game annoyed that you could not attack from the angle you wanted to, until a loading screen message told me how it was possible (The longer improvement points doesn't mean I didn't enjoy the game, it is just I felt I needed to elaborate on the possible improvements, while the good it is pretty easy to grasp). Thanks for creating this game for us!
  3. Guys, I played Monkey 2 again (remastered) a couple of years ago and I thought it was great still. Maybe it is just because I knew I liked it, but... you know. Also Full Throttle, great game, great story, similar production values to Broken Age at the time (voice acting, art...) I remember one not-fun puzzle: the bunnies thing. Maybe there were a couple more, but, man, did I like that game. So much I used to play it yearly until the CD stopped working. Yeah, there are pretty bad puzzles the earlier you go (infuriating Sierra-like "if you screw this puzzle you won't be able to progress at all forever, you are stuck or dead"), but I don't think Broken Age is a match to any of the great adventures of the past in the sense of puzzle fun or story - and just to be clear, my top rated point and clicks are from Tim.
  4. Well, pretty much all of them are more difficult and challenging then Broken Age: Act 2 though. Hard doesn't mean obtuse. Those robot rewirings were so bad I almost stoped playing - and they were not even hard, they were just very boring and repetitive. Also a few bad puzzles are ok, but act 2 has so many of them (timing puzzles, brute force puzzles, backtracking 100 screens the whole time, puzzle that needed telepathic link between characters...) when I finished a puzzle I didn't feel smarter, I just felt bored and wishing it would improve or be over soon. And the 2nd aspect was the story, act 2 was so bland and clearly cut short. It made no sense, I didn't care at all. Some bad puzzles might be overlooked when you have an amazing story that captures you, but Broken Age story made so little sense. There was so much potential in act 1, but then act 2 just white washes the story into a bland fetch quest with hardly anything surprising or interesting. But you are free to like it, of course, this is just my opinion.
  5. I am a fan of Tim's work and I am very empathic towards Double Fine (sad to watch the part with the layoffs), but I really didn't like the game. I know the main idea was to show on the documentary the building of an adventure from scratch, including the story, but this clearly had a huge impact in how disjointed the story is presented and how the puzzles have a insane u-turn from being childishly simple in Act I to trial and error infuriating in Act II. There were lots of cool things, like the documentary, the art and the voice acting, but that was just "extra sauce", what I wanted was a adventure that was as memorable as Monkey, DotT, Full Throttle, Grim... Those damn robot rewires, omg, someone is going to adventure hell after this. And the story felt like the writer changed his mind in act 2 and needed to rewrite some things in act 1, but that was not possible since it was already released. Parents are not computers? No way to explore Marek's world to take him down? A bridge solves the problem? Oh man... Again, I understand it was the whole idea to make the game from scratch, concept and all, but next time you go to KS, have a full game fleshed out and most of the story figured out. I was hoping this could be the adventure rebirth, but, nope, we will keep looking back to the great adventure classics. PS: I am pretty sure there is a lot of spelling mistakes, I will play the non-native speaker card.
  6. You've had nobody to fill Chris's shoes? You really do need someone taking care of the community and getting clear messages out. Hear here. It really sucks the episodes and the communication died a long time ago. As a matter of fact, I don't even expect this game any more. Part 1 was a bit disappointing in terms of length and difficulty (ingenuity, maybe?), so I expect Part 2 to be similar. Old style adventure games are dead, the market wants other things from its games, not what we liked at the time (and no one can say it is wrong to please the market. What sells wins).
  7. Also looking forward to an update.
  8. serjay

    Help? (spoiler)

    Also stuck at the postcard and key. TrueStoryGuy's answer didn't help me. EDIT: ah, it was just a matter of being more distant.
  9. I tend to agree that getting stuck in an adventure nowadays is purely for the ones who want to solve it on their own. So if someone is really annoyed by getting stuff, Google will help them to get unstuck. What I want to say is: please, harder puzzles.
  10. Well done, folks! Hope you have blockbuster numbers. You deserve it.
  11. Well, if they want to build a smaller, easy ACT II because of whatever reason, they at least can't put the "blame" on backers because "backers would be pissed if the game was delayed". What the survey seems to indicate is that most backers wish they take as long as they need and people would strongly prefer a longer game. (Of course there are money restrictions, but this only DF can manage and the backers have little to say).
  12. Tim said in an interview that people might not like a longer Act 2 because it would delay the release date. What do you think?
  13. What people are forgetting is that we just DON'T KNOW what was cut out of ALL other games Tim (and every game designer, really) made. Yes, it hurts to know there was so much more puzzles and content that had to be cut out (especially because Act 1 seemed quite sparse and short), but it only hurts like that because we KNOW of it thanks to the documentaries and the open nature of the development.
  14. Chill, folks. Remember actual people are behind this (both the game and the forum). I imagine Tim must be really happy for shipping a game, happy for good reviews and apprehensive because a lot of people are also expressing their dissatisfaction with certain aspects of it. I also imagine that the last thing he will do is to answer this thread, because if he does, than everyone will create their own threads and start complaining he doesn't reply (because it is not humanly possible to reply to everything). I BET he is aware of the comments and I believe he will talk about the launch and the concerns in the documentary or a bit later when there is less wood in the fire.
  15. Hi, I am a lazy backer. Not late backer, just lazy as in "I don't want to look at streams, the blog and the forum to know how Massive Chalice is going". I did notice that most email news you guys sent is about "there will be a stream, YEI!" While this is cool (some people do love the streams, I am sure), I am the kind of person that don't want to spend the time to look at the streams. Because of my lazy attitude of just reading the newsletter and nothing else, as of now, I know absolutely NOTHING about Massive Chalice. So my suggestion would be to include stream summaries in the email newsletter. I want to know design updates, tech developed, etc etc etc. Can you do this for us lazy email readers? Cheers!
  16. The Cave is from Ron Gilbert. I believe Tim didn't have a role in it (besides being, you know, the owner of the company).
  17. I think Primordia and Deponia are pretty bad adventures. From the newer ones, Resonance, Gemini Rue and the Blackwell series are way better IMO. I liked Broken Age (it is so pretty and so polished in terms of visuals and sound). But it was too easy, with too few hotspots and few really clever puzzles. I really thought this would be a new Monkey Island II, Day of the Tentacle, Grim Fandango or even Full Throttle (it's really my fault being disappointed after such high expectations). Insanely high expectations aside, maybe the key issue here is the game being broken in two. After 3 hours of play and I finished it and I thought "hmmm, was this worth the wait?" So, yeah, Broken Age is nice and wouldn't happen without Kickstarter, so I am happy I backed it. But (until now) it failed to be the new landmark of adventure games. (Yeah, expectations again...) It is just a AAA adventure game, quite enjoyable, but not that game that would make you play again, after 10 years, just to get a kick out of it again.
  18. Primordia was terrible in my opinion. Too many memory/numbers/letters puzzles. I hate those.
  19. I think the puzzles were not super easy, there was just too few hotspots, items and stuff. So brute force was easy (the fish guts thing and the solution of the riddle were in my opinion difficult, but I could brute force it very quickly because of what I just said).
  20. It took me less than 4 hours. I really wish it was longer!
  21. YES YES YES! I can't understand why it is like that (maybe because of tablets?)
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