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  1. Hello, Question for the folks at Double Fine. Have you guys thought about releasing Broken Age on the vita? I think it be extremely awesome to be able to play Broken Age on the handheld.
  2. Thanks for the heads up I will definitely watch. I think it will be the trailer.
  3. Why not do another kickstarter? The reason this idea could work is because a few games have already done it and made a lot more then they wanted. The two I can think of are http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kontrabida/rival-threads-last-class-heroes-the-final-push and http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/starcommand/star-command-kickstart-part-2-the-pc-mac-space-adv?ref=live I would so give money for a t-shirt!.
  4. Man i wish. Slacking off for two months would be awesome. We call that a vacation
  5. Or you can go now using our handy dandy bar crawl map- http://goo.gl/maps/bNEU you could but you would be trekking it alone without the DFA squad and that would be very very sad.
  6. Amazing episode it was worth the wait. I can't wait until we see some more. I think it would be cool if after the end of the project that you guys invite everyone from the kickstarter to go to Red's for a drink.
  7. From the link above- 2 Player Productions Same story as everyone else, video is hanging on the "Great things" message for hours. Way over on a deadline here, real glad this is what paying for a Pro account bought us. You go Paul!
  8. Now this is amazing please do some more. I love the lighthouse on the moon concept it looks brilliant. I think it would be amazing if the actual game this was used and the boy or girl came to it while it was active then the other one came to the same location when it becomes haunted years later.
  9. kick ass! I'm so looking forward to a bulking episode hopefully we see the other people who are working on the game.
  10. My mistake, they didn't specify it'd be this week, although I think it was reasonable to anticipate it'd drop this week based on that message. I mean (and I'm not trying to be negative, this isn't a big deal or anything unless it happened every time) this is more than a 'bit' longer than expected, now. It's quite a significant delay. Again, I'm not tearing my hair out here, I can just see why people would think that it's been too quiet. Three is about ready to go, it's getting the audio worked on right now and it's more laborious than usual. It'll be out early next week barring any unforeseen complications. Thanks for the update.
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