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  1. Another vote for "ship it". I think having early access to the doc all these months was more than enough of a bonus for backers. Or, well, at least for me.
  2. Quick thoughts. I think the names should probably have some coherent themes within each class: it stands to reason that Hunters would call their "sub-professions" similar things, and so on. Alchemists My thought here was that the title should be technical and powerful-sounding. I imagine Alchemists are a little full of themselves. Alchemist / Caberjack - I like Catalyst here: an Alchemist who affects a battle more directly! Alchemist / Hunter - This seems like the toughest one to name out of all of them. Should probably focus on the Alchemist being very precise. Exactor? Solvent? Caberjack Caberjacks are more laid-back and berserker-y. They probably like names that are either a little funny or "cool", or both. Caberjack / Hunter - I like some previous suggestions here: Blackjack or Shadowjack. Caberjack / Alchemist - I don't know how I feel about all the Caber classes having "-jack" as a suffix. Maybe play off of the Ramcap Caber here? Thundercap, like thunderclap? Boomcap? Hunters Hunters seem pretty no-nonsense. I would think their titles would be to the point. Hunter / Alchemist - Grenadier seems to be the most descriptive title I've seen mentioned here. Hunter / Caberjack - Skirmisher is a decent summation of how this class function. I also kinda like Pointblank if something completely made up would be preferable.
  3. The small modding side project that I've been fooling around with for the past week or so is adding a Campaign Mode to Spacebase: essentially, a metagame that would give each base you build a handful of goals/requirements that need to be fulfilled, with your success or failure at achieving those goals affecting what future bases you are asked to build, and the resources you have to build them with. This is somewhat akin to the metagame that will eventually be added to Clockwork Empires, which if you haven't heard of it is a pretty neat game in a similar vein. Don't get too excited: this is a fairly big chunk of gameplay and I've only just started poking around in the Lua. Right now, all I have is a separate menu option set up and the stubbed out code for the new mode's "New Base" screen. The reason I am posting here, however, is to get feedback/ideas from the handful of people active here as to what they'd like to see in such a mode. Specifically, I'm still sorting through the following aspects of the design... * The types of bases you would be asked to build, and their associated goals (i.e., a Research Base would need to research every technology before X happens, a Pleasure Station would need Y ecstatic residents). * What, exactly, would persist between bases. My thought was there'd be a stat/currency akin to Clockwork Empires' "Prestige" that you'd get for completing a base's requirements efficiently, and that you could spend on various things that would make building a base easier (happier/more skilled immigrants, extra matter , blueprints, etc.). "Winning" the game would require getting to a particular level of "Prestige". * What the Campaign's "finale" would be. Right now, I am thinking you'd be asked to rapidly build a base capable of repelling the Pirate Megafleet, but I bet there are better ideas out there. Anyway, just throwing it out there. I'll keep plugging away on my end.
  4. I think I'd agree with that in general. I like all the Double Fine guys, but I'll say that I tend to only really, really like the stuff that comes from Brad Muir's teams: Iron Brigade/Trenched was fantastic, and I thought Brazen looked right up my alley, too.
  5. I think MASSIVE CHALICE and Spacebase are both styles of game that are very amenable to Early Access: reasonably complete in their initial state, very replayable, and easily expandable by additional content patches. I think the replayability is probably the biggest key. MASSIVE CHALICE is even better off because it's playable all the way through AND pretty replayable. I think Early Access is a good choice here because it allows folks like us the trade-off of playing a less-polished game right NOW while being able to give solid feedback on the direction the game's balance takes as we approach 1.0.
  6. One thing that would help focus my feedback here would be knowing what Brad and the dev team intend for the flow of TECH and LEVELS over the course of a 300-year game. It seems like the goal for LEVELS is that they steadily increase over the course of the game, with pretty much every playthrough resulting in you fielding level 10 heroes by game end. TECH, however, could be balanced in a few ways. Some examples... * You are intended to research all the game's tech by game end. Focusing on research will get you to the end of the tree earlier. * You are intended to research most of the game's TECH by game end. Extreme research "rushing" could theoretically net you the whole TECH tree, but most playthroughs will only get a significant portion of the tree completed, the specific TECHS completed being determined by specialization. Knowing where this balance is intended to lie would be super helpful! An unrelated piece of TECH feedback while we're talking about it: I've found the "1 item/accessory slot per hero" rule very restrictive. I basically always want to take a restorative item there. I've been using Wunderpants more since their buff a couple of patches ago, but for the most part, none of the equippable items seem greater in utility than the extra HP you get from packing around a potion. Does anyone else feel this way, too?
  7. The files in question are in Data/Scripts/GameEvents and are called "ImmigrationEvent.lua" and "HostileImmigrationEvent.lua". You're looking for the function "_ignoreRefusal". In vanilla, that function simulates rolling a percent chance of the immigrants coming aboard whether you want them to or not. By default, this appears to be 33% of the time for regular immigrants, and 66% of the time for hostile ones. You'll just want to change that function to always return false... ...or you can just grab the lua files below where I've made that change for you and replace the ones already in your GameEvents folder. ImmigrationEvent.lua HostileImmigrationEvent.lua (I hope this kinda sharing is OK, Double Fine. If it isn't, just say and I'll pull down the links.) Hope all that helps!
  8. I'll just quickly chime in that I'd be happy to look at a giant wall of numbers. Walls of numbers and me go way back.
  9. Walls of text don't much help anyone, so here's a quick list of stuff that troubled my partner and I as we sunk 25 or so hours into the game over the last week. UI/usability * The info screen needs more info on what each stat actually does Knowing what effects secondary stats have on a Hero is really important. This could be done as a hover-over, or a separate info pane, or whatever. * Better indication of the effect that Armor/Resistance is having on damage taken Getting new armor in the new XCOM feels really good because you immediately see that all your soldiers have a bunch more HP pips over their head in battle, making you feel (temporarily) invincible. Armor in MC is definitely useful, but lacks the same obvious punch. * Clearer indication of the XP bonus granted by a Standard "XP per day" doesn't mean much to me as a stat. Is that a whole level? How much is that over a Trainee's life? Something like "XP per year" would be a lot more useful for head calculation. General gameplay * Same-sex couples are underpowered compared to their hetero counterparts There are a lot of posts about this. If you are min/maxing, you would never have any same-sex Regent/Partner pairings, which is sad. * Tracking down and killing the last enemy or two is time-consuming/frustrating I think this came up in a teamstream. It is a little less frustrating later on in the game, but it comes up often in the early game and it is super tedious hiking across the map just to easily kill a lone enemy. Maybe make the last enemy or two on a map becoming suicidally brave?
  10. Black Sheep You've received strange reports that a lone CADENCE_TYPE has been spotted near one of your settlements, but its attacks are merely injuring civilians, not killing them. Has the CADENCE_TYPE been weakened somehow? Is it restraining itself for some nefarious reason? HERO_NAME volunteers to investigate. * Instruct him/her to personally destroy the CADENCE_TYPE (Kills the intruder with no further effect) * Instruct him/her to rally the local populace to destroy the CADENCE_TYPE (Kills the intruder, with a small chance that HERO_NAME will die; there is also a small chance that a new Hero will distinguish themselves in the battle) * Instruct him/her to take SAGEWRIGHT_NAME along and observe the CADENCE_TYPE (Kills the intruder and provides 1-5 extra "corpses" worth of research about that CADENCE_TYPE; there is also a small chance that SAGEWRIGHT_NAME will die) * Instruct him/her to attempt to capture the CADENCE_TYPE for further study (There is a significant chance that HERO_NAME will die, but if they do not, the CADENCE_TYPE is captured and provides 3-10 extra "corpses" worth of research; at developer discretion, this could also unlock further random event, a relic, and so on)
  11. My really quick thoughts on distinguishing hetero and same-sex couples. * Same-sex couples get a trickle of "free" adopted babies as if they were a hetero couple. * Adopted children of a same-sex couple have zero chance of earning their parents' Traits, but a higher-than-normal chance of taking on their parents' Personality. This makes the choice between a hetero couple and same-sex couple "Traits & Personality" vs. "no Traits, more Personality". * This system would be in addition to "Chalice adoption", which would exist, with some tweaks, to fill in other strategic holes. To me, the sticking point with this is how it interacts with "Infertile" and "Bountiful". In essence, having an "Infertile" member of a same-sex couple should prevent this free adoption, but that makes no thematic sense. The Traits could be renamed to be more generally about child-rearing (i.e., "Curmudgeons" refuse to willingly have or adopt children), but that sort of thing should very much be a Personality, not a Trait. Hrmm.
  12. Currently, the way I play DF-9 will likely see most/all of my games fall into the same pattern... • Build all the rooms my base wants/needs and quickly reach a point of equilibrium. • Let the base run until the various threats build up enough that my great work is destroyed. While this is pretty fun, and I understand the game is still alpha, I find myself wanting to have a goal to work toward: something to race to before my base is inevitably destroyed in a hail of killbots. I noticed this entry on the Dev Plan listing (which needs to be updated post Alpha 5, BTW!)... I thought it might be a neat idea if the goals are actually the spacebases themselves. That is, when starting a new base, you either choose or are assigned a type of base that the powers that be need constructed. Each type of base would have certain requirements that would need to be fulfilled, and if you can manage to complete them before everyone dies, you win! You can then move on to your next assignment, or hang around and administrate the base for as long as you like. Some example spacebase assignments... Research Station • Requires X Research Consoles be constructed, and Y 4- or 5-skill Scientists aboard the base to man them. • Requires research to be completed on a Mission Critical tech. This could be an existing tier 2 or tier 3 tech, or is maybe just a hard-to-research but useless MacGuffin. Biolab • Your base will periodically be sent a ship filled with sick and injured crewmen, the number of which and the severity of their injuries steadily increasing with each new load. The object would be to successfully heal them all, or at least to have your station survive until the last shipment arrives. Refugee Habitat • After a moderate set-up period, a large shipment of sick, angry/sad, 1-star skilled crewmen arrive. Your goal is to get them healthy, happy, and skilled at a profession. Mining Outpost • Produce X Matter and ship it off-base. This could be in steadily-increasing periodic shipments, or just a single bulk requirement. • Could only be established in areas with increased risk of meteor showers and raiders. Command Post • Periodically, an "Away Team" made up of certain professions is demanded from the base. Their absence leaves the base understaffed for a time, and some crewmen may not return. Completing a certain number of these missions is required to successfully fulfill the construction assignment. Other examples that would require interaction with future updates might include a Pleasure Hub (built with bars and entertainment for tourist crewmen), a Trade Depot (for trade!)... the sky(space)'s the limit! This system could also be used to develop something of a Campaign Mode, in which you're required to build the bases assigned to you by the game one at a time until you complete them all. It could also be used for a roguelike-like Universe Mode, in which you are continually given base assignments and you play until you fail an assignment. In either mode, perhaps previously constructed bases could give small bonuses to future bases, such as a Mining Outpost giving you some extra Matter, or a Refugee Habitat giving you higher-skilled starting crewmen.
  13. 1920s San Francisco 1920s San Francisco, where most communication occurs through masks 2920s San Francisco, strangely similar to 1920s San Francisco My senior prom, looking in from the outside Several years into a summer that never ends A world without fuel A world being invaded for its fuel by a world without fuel The universe's most powerful, clean and efficient fuel source, unknown to all, inhabited by few, and hurtling through space at breakneck speed A world without invasion being fueled by invasion ^-- Better yet, an eerily peaceful world being kept blissfully unaware and safe by a massive, brutal war somewhere else A world where everyone grows up with a twin, but at some point have to decide which of them lives and which of them dies The Department of Alternate Dimensions and Timeline Security Where people *actually* go when they die The Department of Reincarnation David Caruso's rich, leathery face (YEAAAAAHHHHH) A world in which everyone gets $1,000 at birth and it has to last their whole life Moonbase Europa, where we're pretty sure that this time the crew won't end up killing each other within the week The trees have eyes, and some of them solve crimes The desert in a world with only one Oasis 1920s San Francisco, in a desert
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