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  1. I think they could've shown a trailer consisting of a camel riding through desert sands, nothing more, and I'd still be excited for this game.
  2. Don't worry guys, I've got everything under control. To make up for the loss of this one purchase, I will be purchasing two copies myself. One will remain sealed and one will be opened and played. Disaster averted. You can all go about your regular business now.
  3. Yeah, I just noticed Scott's blog myself. I was hoping that he still sticks with Double Fine.
  4. I've got news. Jack Black wore a Brütal Legend t-shirt at the MTV Awards. That is good advertising!
  5. This thread if full of knowledge and motivation. I think I might exercise while reading Britannica.
  6. There is no doubt in my mind I would purchase all of Scott C's comics if published. I have his 1884 Paperboy print and I love it. I really want the Ninja print, but I'm going on vacation next week and need the money (SanFran here I come!)
  7. Definitely not me. I'd rather be the person who pays to enjoy the fruits of someone else's labor, and then either whines and complains or praises and patronizes said worker. Those of you who make great (or crappy) games or anything to do with them, my hat's off to you, but the grass is greener on my side of the fence, or is it?
  8. I actually work for a big publisher, but unfortunately, that is not a title we seem to carry. Choose something else and I may be of some assistance.
  9. Yeah, after lurking for a bit I noticed that most people seem pretty friendly and so I'm beginning to "come out" so to speak. But being bored? Pfft. Boring is for the... well, bored. Of which I do not include myself.
  10. 40. Don't ever try to start a car for possible getaway. 41. Don't watch horror movies or tell scary stories. 42. Don't bother running; you will trip and fall. Even though the killer is merely hobbling after you, the fastest man in the group cannot outrun him/her/it. 43. Fire seems to work fairly often. Gas and matches could come in handy.
  11. I know! You can head on over to DFAC and reread all of Scott C's fantabulous strips, which I'm sure you've done numerous times already. But we all know they never get old.
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