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  1. It's still the 10th top seller right now. I guess it's doing well.
  2. I'm afraid not. Not here, at least. I'm looking at Spain's (or Western Europe's, don't know if it's multi-region) Steam homepage and there's nothing at all, not a single reference to Broken Age, although it has indeed been there these past 2 weeks. But well, if it's featured on the USA (and other territories) Steam that's fine then.
  3. Not really. They simply can disable the dialog lines about the shoes, until Vella talks to Car'l. If that works without forcing it too much, the yeah, it's a logical solution.
  4. The spoon lines (its monologue before MISSION NUTRITION mainly) are just brilliant.
  5. Not that it's a good thing, though. These continuity 'plot holes' are mostly annoying, and this isn't the only one throughout the game. It should be considered, after all it just needs some minor code tweaks. Although I'm afraid that maybe that would require some additional dialog lines for the woman, and since they're not recording those anymore it could be hard to fix.
  6. So, finally, Broken Age is launched today (Jan. 28 already here in Spain). Huge congrats to the team, I hope that it really sells a lot and allows DF to make more P&C adventures in the future. Anyways, I noticed that Broken Age is not featured on Steam's frontpage. I mean, this is such a big deal, having a game that's completely absent on it's release day at the first glance in a platform like Steam doesn't make any good when it comes to sales and visibility. I think you guys should reach your Steam sales contact and ask them to get your game up there again. Internet is nowadays a very ephemeral place and I'm sure that many people who saw the (so early) reviews have already forgotten about Broken Age. It's good to have a game featured on its launch day.
  7. Oh, nice! Now that's useful for feedback.
  8. Thanks Huber any clues on the Telemetry option?
  9. Anybody knows how does the new "Telemetry" option work? I can't see any real difference while playing. A little explanation on the Options menu for each option would be most welcome. Also, is now the Retro Mode control key visible by default or is the resolution trick still necessary?
  10. Anybody knows how does the "Telemetry" option work? I can't see any real difference while playing. Also, is now the Retro Mode control key visible by default or is the resolution trick still necessary?
  11. This was exactly my thought process when putting the eggs in the basket! Honestly, given the time this team has left before the public release, I doubt we'll see anything changed. This is pretty inconsequential compared to the start/save bugs they've been fixing. However, there is one way I can think of to adjust this puzzle without having to record new lines. Whether or not this is a feasible suggestion depends on how this code has been implemented. Here's how the weight/walking combinations work currently: No Shoes: Slowly sink when standing in one place No Shoes + 1 Egg: Drop like a stone and can't run Shoes: Never sinks Shoes + 1, 2, or 3 Eggs: No change, never sinks My suggestion would be: No Shoes: Same No Shoes + 1 Egg: Same Shoes: Same Shoes + 1 Egg: Same Shoes + 2 Eggs: Work like No Shoes - slowly sink if Vella stays in one place too long Shoes + 3 Eggs: Work like No shoes + 1 Egg - can't run on paths, sink like a stone on the clouds There is a line of dialogue used for the No Shoes + 1 Egg that can be reused for the 2 and 3 egg tiers: When she picks up the egg: "Oh man, this thing is heavy, better stick to the paths when carrying this." When she tries to run while holding an egg + no shoes: "I can't run while I'm carrying heavy, golden eggs. At least, not barefoot." So when picking up eggs 2 and 3 have her say "oh man, this thing is heavy", and when trying to carry 3 eggs say "I can't run while I'm carrying heavy, golden eggs" - it's already pluralized, and there's a clear line break between those two sentences. Again, this might all be a moot point given how long is left to fix some of the bigger issues. I figure it can't hurt to throw out ideas though. Completelly agreed. Your idea should work without the need of new dialog lines and would add an extra spice to the gameplay while solving the weightmageddon.
  12. Ya, pero ¿cómo demonios traducen eso? Por desgracia, localizar cosas así es prácticamente imposible para que se entiendan. Podrían dejarlo en inglés, pero entonces desentonaría porque el resto de cajas sí están en castellano. I think "sojacrispis" is fine, since this has the graphics limitation of being part of a box.
  13. Same here. I think that this minor issue could be solved by just removing the "AGAIN" word in both the dialog text and the audio file if that's the first time Vella asks about it without having heard it once.
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