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  1. Yay, was wondering when this would finally start to ship. Are we supposed to be getting a new email? My email address changed since then but if it's run through Humble like the rest it should be fine.
  2. Dev's Play

    Just wanted to chime in and say this was fantastic. I always love hearing about behind-the-scenes stuff with game development and there was so much great commentary here. All the inner workings of Disney's relationship to the team and whatnot were super fascinating Can't wait for more of these. P.S. - I also totally beat Lion King (SNES version) on a rental. So take that Disney! I honestly don't remember if I solved the monkey puzzle on my own tho. That may have received help from Nintendo Power (assuming they did a guide on that, I don't even know)
  3. ^ this. I feel like I know a lot of the staff thanks to things like Amnesia Fortnight. Hate to see anyone go
  4. Costumes you want to see

    +1 for this. Even if it's just a silly DLC pack, I'll buy it. There's so much good material floating around their games, it's too good to pass up. Yes, definitely. Add to that list an Eddie Riggs costume with some cool guitar attacks
  5. So for the hell of it, I decided to record my first playthrough of each prototype. If anyone cares, here they are (spoilers obviously!): For some reason Geforce Shadow Play absolutely refused to record Dear Leader though, no idea why. So sorry, no Dear Leader video (I think my first playthrough bugged anyways... at one point I stopped getting intercom messages all together and there didn't seem to be anything I could do). Shadow Play also split off the Steed and LPBB videos early, but there wasn't enough in the second part to be worth uploading (Steed it actually picked a really good spot - the rest was just me running around looking for secrets... and LPBB was probably 1 minute before the end of the game ). I adjusted it before Mnemonic so you get to see me stumble around the whole time without the video being cut off early Anyone else record their playthroughs?
  6. I know, I didn't realize you could leave the house at that point.
  7. Playing Steed - Controls, Options, Tips, 'N Things!

    Did you find the Stacking doll?
  8. Yeah it seems like it keeps appearing and disappearing from Steam. Really weird. Stand-alone version works tho!
  9. LPBB Feedback

    Sometimes you need to dance with him a couple times to get the next scene to trigger I think.
  10. Mnemonic Feedback

    I had this problem too (with the Steam version). I downloaded the stand-alone copy from Humble Bundle and that worked for me.
  11. LPBB Feedback

    Yeah I can't get any ending but that one
  12. Steed Official Feedback Thread

    Yeah, just played through it! Lot of fun! Also absolutely gorgeous. I think my only comment is I wish the standard front attack was a little better. Loved the stomp and the back kick, but the front kick seemed really hard to line up.
  13. Playing Steed - Controls, Options, Tips, 'N Things!

    FYI, the game was saying LB or RB would Jolt the rider, but RB was the only button that seemed to work.
  14. Weird, I'm not seeing LPBB. Does it just take a long time to show up? (edit: on Steam I mean)
  15. Did you guys send out an e-mail about this? I'm thinking my e-mail address STILL isn't updated on your mailing list
  16. Back To Bladehenge

    Yeah, I actually started playing this again a couple weeks ago (this time the PC version... previously played it on 360 back when it came out). I totally forgot about the awesome title screen movie with Jack Black!
  17. AF14 2PP Daily Videos?

    http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/13500/ Also their twitch stream runs all night replaying the documentaries. That's why there are like 8 hour videos of them archived
  18. It's on twitch, at least as of last night. Make sure you are going to More Videos -> Past Broadcasts (twitch is terrible at showing all the videos in the right bar). It's labeled "Day 10" (though I think this is wrong... Believe it was actually day 11) and I want to say like 2ish hours long? (maybe closer to 3? Don't remember exactly) Look for them playing White Birch and the old Spacebase prototype at the beginning and you'll know its the right one.

    Super excited for this. I watched Tim playing it on the stream yesterday and it really looks fantastic! I was actually really surprised at just how many custom animations it looks like you got in (i.e. boom box bud had a ton of unique ones, dog bud did stuff with his dog, etc). Also it just looks so much better than even it did on Friday. I'm glad you guys got the buds looking bright pink rather than the kind of muddy color they were before (due to the lighting)
  20. Progress Updates

    I'm assuming it is. Sounded to me like they were still working on getting all the era 1 stuff really polished not too long ago. Which still leaves era 2. I don't see how they would have had the time for era 3, but *shrug* who knows?
  21. Day 10 - and.... DONE!

    I can't get over how pretty that grass is
  22. The Daily Screenshot Thread

    That looks great! Looks like you lifted it right out of one of those old noire movies
  23. I think they've said this a few times before but: - People who have never lead a project get experience leading - Obviously, if the idea works they can then turn it into a full game and make money for the studio (i.e. look at Costume Quest, Stacking, and Once Upon a Monster as good examples of AF projects that became pretty successful... and obviously you have Spacebase and Hack & Slash also just starting out) -It's a break from bigger projects (I believe Tim said the first AF was done during the long Brutal Legend development to mix things up a little) There are probably more benefits, but I assume ultimately the main goal is to come up with new game ideas that Double Fine can make and see if they would be viable. Edit: Oh, and of course the public AFs probably also help the studio get some extra cash for current games. Like, I'm fairly sure the last AF was made public purely to help pay for Broken Age dev costs.