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  1. This is great news, now tell Brad to hurry up with MASSIVE CHALICE, and set a date for AF2015!
  2. Yeah so you would have to be careful mining or you might break down a rock and expose some kind of rock creature nest. That could be cool. I was thinking that different asteroid types would be a good addition to the game and now I am thinking one could be a comet fragment with a chance to find something frozen in the ice.
  3. I think it could be interesting to see this game have some form of fog-of-war instead of knowing where all the asteroids/derelicts are on your map. I realise this isn't real-world realistic as your miners would be able see quite some distance in space, as there isn't much blocking their view, but may be good from a gameplay perspective. A short range scanner facility reveals minerals etc. on a minimap (but maybe only at a certain range, the more you install the longer the range), and perhaps a long range scanner (that requires you already have a short range facility) that can give you more information about incoming ships... so you can watch out for all those killbots .
  4. Have backed Mighty No9. Probably would have done it anyway, but the real clincher was the $2M stretch goal... 3 30min documentary episodes from 2PP! Sold
  5. If the budget includes hiring some voice talent for the OST, I would put in a vote for Ashley Barrett, who did the vocals for the Bastion soundtrack, anyone who hasn't heard it should give it a go. They also did a cool live version in the Supergiant Games' studio: (Also, first post , have enjoyed the open development style DF have done for DFA and AF and look forward to it continuing through MASSIVE CHALICE's development.)
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