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  1. I think it should be horizontal. The first thing that came to mind, like Tim said in the video, is the artwork lends itself to a horizontal box.
  2. Maybe make a new video of clips from all the episodes? Or just release it all. Either way, whatever helps get the haters to hate less. But honestly, this is the internet, it may not help much. As far as exclusivity goes? Well we backed the game cause we believed in it and in y'all. So being a part of the process as it goes on is well worth the money. Really I wish I could go back in time and back even more.
  3. Booked my flight to San Fran for Day of the Devs! Can't wait to see everyone and a little Broken Age!
  4. Awesome! Thanks Greg! See you there!
  5. Howdy Any plans for a PAX Prime presence this year? Anybody heard anything?
  6. Think we'll have a chance to get Tim to sign stuff before/after the panel? edit - nevermind, just saw the thing about the fan meetup lol
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