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    I actually wrote this profile in a witty rhyme tuned with that popular Ke$ha song, but then I realized I didn't know the words. Small town guy from the pristine mountainland of Sweden. Moose, snow, pine trees and weird fish-based traditions. But on to the more important note, video games. I've loved 'em since I could hold controllers. I was comforted by Super Mario Bros when I was in a hospital as a kid, it made me vent my frustration as a teenager and now it keeps me company those nights when
  1. Allright, from the twisted mind of... well... me, here comes a few places off the top of my head. - a hellish japanese herb garden / fast food restaurant that desperately tries to make celibacy look cool. - an underwater atlantis-like city run by superintelligent man-sized oysters. Except instead of pearls, they each have unique, individual items that make them able to identify each other as individuals. - a zero-gravity ball room. Imagine floating, fancy people trying to keep their champagne from falling out of their glasses. - a duck pond where you can toss money into the pond, and the ducks will collectively give you a foot massage as a thank you. They don't accept coins. - a company that buys stupid ideas and sells them off to cheap comedy writers. The dumbest ideas can be worth fortunes. - a great park with a monument honoring all people who've died watching that very monument over the years. Stonecutters are constantly adding new pieces to it, thinking it will one day be as big as the park itself. - the office of a company that works with creating new characters for the alphabet. They're not having a very great success, due to a failing marketing division. There is simply no demand for their product. Their rival company, however, is flourishing after the success of their stupid umlaut. - a wizard's tower, except the wizard is simply a great accountant, and the interior reflects this appropriately. A fantastic accountant. He's got a really cool robe, and some neat sandals. - a meteor mining company. They draw meteors down from the sky (through some pseudo-scientific mumbo-jumo) for their employees to harvest for rich minerals. They have some of the rarest metals in the world. What do you guys think? I can come up with a few more, if you want!
  2. WE REQUIRE MORE VESPENE WEBISODES. (No, really, love the episode! )
  3. Happy lil' Swede here, 24 years old. Glad to see so many care about this project, no matter where they're from. Still, can't help but to notice I'm not the only Swedish guy around here. Big salute to all my fellow backers, you make the internet proud!
  4. Pulling Inspiration from Cyan

    Why I wouldn't call it "crap", I agree. I want an adventure game, not a downright puzzle game where you try to solve rubik's cubes getting fed to you on a conveyor belt. And sadly, I remember the Myst games like that. I would much more prefer if the game turned out like Monkey Island or Grim Fandango.