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  1. That flew totally under my radar! Thanks for the information! Perhaps now I can get a real fix for my classic adventure gaming itch. I have to agree with the other poster who said that Broken Age was not a classic point and click adventure by any stretch of the imagination. A cute kids adventure-lite is how I think about it. Decent, but not what I was imagining when I backed the project. Documentary has paid off in spades though, when they actually release episodes.
  2. After this kind of announcement, I don't have the same kind of faith that I used to. Who's to say they won't cut Broken Age short ?
  3. I honestly don't know what's going on at DF. It seems like somewhere along the way there is SERIOUS mismanagement of funds and resource distribution. They live up to very few of their promises, and often times simply don't live up to them at all. A 'monthly' documentary for the Broken Age game for instance, what happened to that ? What happened to actually releasing that game ? Almost a year goes by and we STILL don't have the 2nd part of that. Now they pull the plug on DF-9. What's next ? I'm surprised publishers trust them enough to give them funding at all anymore. Maybe you guys aren't angry, but I am, I feel like they are misleading and screwing over the very people who support their games. On top of being angry I'm also sad, sad that a company with so much potential, amazing programmers, artists, and great ideas is managed so badly. Well, at least Massive Chalice is shaping up to be a good game.
  4. They took our money. They misspent/squandered it and only delivered half a game. It's truly sad, DF used to be a company that I could respect. Now it's clear they got their PR boost, they got their publishing deals, and forget the kickstarter or the commitment they made. You don't even NEED a community manager to do a damn update. It might take an hour or two, throw together a little information, some screenshots - any blogger could do it.
  5. Broken Age didn't hold a candle to the original LucasArts games. Just goes to show graphics aren't everything, GAMEPLAY is king. I only paid $15, so it's not like it's a huge loss for me, I got some enjoyment out of the game, but the goalposts were completely changed from conception and it's not hard to see where people felt they were misled. If they'd said from the start it would be stripped down for tablets, no verbs, "coming of age" tale for children, I don't think I'd have backed. Partially because I hate coming of age stories as they feel trite unless you are actually coming of age. My own fault, guess that's what we get for funding something sight unseen that doesn't even have a story written. It was still OK, but now that it's out I wouldn't recommend anybody to purchase it unless it was on sale at a deep discount. If the goal was mass market penetration with an easy beautiful adventure game story to 'make a name' and pull DoubleFine out of the hole it was falling into - I think they succeeded. At delivering what was pitched to the backers ? I think it fell very short. Tim isn't going away though, he's "Tim of Legend" afterall! This got him new publishing offers, all kinds of stuff. Kickstarter/BA have been excellent marketing vehicles for the company.
  6. This article really nailed it. Why they dumbed down Broken Age, I do not understand. If anything they should have expanded upon things, not given the player LESS choice then that of something created in the 90s. Everything screamed mass market appeal to me, and I'm sure there will be plenty of people who love the game because of that exact reason, because it holds your hand and makes things easy. Did they live up to their Kickstarter promises of a classic adventure game though ? Sadly, no, I don't think so. It was more like an interactive storybook for children.
  7. Yeah, very classy. I'm no prude, but I wouldn't really feel comfortable with people using that kind of language in the workplace. A few cusswords between coworkers, sure, but that was just obscene. Aside from that opening, this episode was great though.
  8. From what I can gather they are basically just hidden object games. Is this correct?
  9. These teamstreams are one of the major the highlights of my month entertainment wise. Totally awesome how you guys take the time to answer questions from the forums and live chat. This is tits.
  10. Pretty hilarious that he expects armed guards at PAX because some little kids (he even says the adults don't do anything) threatened him on xbox live. He needs to grow a pair. As for dragon age 2 ? They fuckin deserved it. HAH, just kidding.
  11. I'd never back it at this point. They didn't deliver on the first one, why should they deliver on the 2nd? DF is gonna have to earn its street cred back before people in general start putting their cash down. Especially after this debacle. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
  12. Just wanted to say thank you for the update. A little communication goes a long way!
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