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  1. It's a lovely game. My daughter bugs me every day to play some "boy and the wolf".
  2. How old is your daughter? Mine is four and she's begging me to play "the cartoon with the boy". And my wife loves the gorgeous graphics.
  3. My daughter has a crush on Shay - she's four years old. I have a crush on the game - I'm considerably older.
  4. Thank you Tim for being my adult childhood hero and releasing another adventure game I can enjoy together with my own kids.
  5. Refrain? You don't happen to be Swedish? In English it's called chorus.
  6. Is this really an important "bug"? If that is the case the game will be fantastic.
  7. SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS! :-D Thank you so much for all the hard work.
  8. I'm so excited about the game I don't know what to do with myself anymore! Can't believe it'll be released tomorrow, I'm definitely gonna go all-in and play it until I've finished it completely. Hopefully it's big enough to not be over in a few hours.
  9. Another truly fantastic episode. I'm so excited about that music and the voice acting.
  10. I had to rewatch the episode just to remind myself how close it is until the first episode is released.
  11. Probably because you've been making such a deal out of it for the past few pages. Yes it is, you don't seem to understand the definition of "racist".
  12. Personally I'd prefer if you went back to not saying anything at all. You're the only one raising the music as a concern because it might be "racist". I really can't see that connection at all and why you even had that thought and figured it was appropriate to argue for it is just a mystery to me and probably several other people in this thread.
  13. Not at all. But there's a significant difference between blind cheerfulness and misinformed ranting. God is dead, but that's a subject matter for another day. I didn't mind the puzzles in any of the two Monkey games. In fact, I enjoyed most LucasArts's games and even Sierra. But I do remember getting very stuck at certain puzzles; one of them was the monkey wrench in Monkey 2 and the other was in Fate of Atlantis when you get to the ruins and are supposed to turn statues or whatever it was. The third time I remember being critically stuck was in Police Quest III. Turns out that was a game-breaking bug so I usually don't count that.
  14. Well, you seem to conveniently forget the game grew exponentially from the initial idea and they decided to go with it thus straining the budget. They're not releasing half the initial game but half of the new extended game. They could've just said "screw it, let's cut out everything, make it small as we originally planned and ship it" but that wouldn't be fun for anyone, challenging for them or as interesting to us backers. Your post? I actually read it, compared to what you seem to do.
  15. I was stuck on Monkey 2 for aaaages. The "monkey wrench" puzzle was tricky.
  16. African/Scandinavian, yes. I supposed you missed that last influence. What does that have to do with the girl area anyway? Edit: Greg gave you a good explanation about your other "dilemma". An explanation that has been retold a couple of hundred times by now, but if someone (like you) don't listen you won't hear it.
  17. I'd say the title "Shaun of the Dead" is more of a pun than parody though. The movie itself is a parody.
  18. A pun is traditionally not the same thing as a parody becauste puns aren't meant to mock an original.
  19. Not really. A parody is making fun of certain films, music, events or situations, exaggerating it as much as possible. Weird Al Yankovic, anyone? Monthy Python were brilliant at it. So was Little Britain.
  20. Have you changed your e-mail recently? Or perhaps the mail ended up in your spam folder...
  21. It's no ready yet. I'd say there is a good 6+ months left until we can hope for a release. The initial date for release was set because DF thought the game would be a small affair, but since the funding became as large as it was they had to revise it.
  22. What information would you like? "Another day of development, it's going good guys". "Day xxxx of development, it's going good guys. Oh btw, Tim has a cold" ... let them do their job, there's no point giving pointless information. It's pretty obvious there will be delays and that any "promise" given was probably an estimate when it was given with the understanding that unforeseen events could push the date forward. No big deal, life goes on. People need to relax a bit and not start to moan and whine when they're not being kept in the loop 24/7. We're not the ones creating the game, DF is. The forum is going silent because most topics have been discussed to death, flogged and revived a thousand times over by now. Unless DF has anything noticeable to report we just need to stay put. I rather have a somewhat silent forum than one that is being spammed by angry people all day.
  23. Delicious! I'm eagerly awaiting the next episode...
  24. Cheers for the update! I'm looking forward to the next episode of the documentary to see the new changes to the game.
  25. Plenty of magical moments in this episode, great to see Tim just sorting stuff out and being generally awesome. I can totally relate to the issue of finding the "right" name, I've got several notepads in the closet with hundreds and hundreds of columns with names for things I've been writing on in the past.
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