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  1. As long as you avoid putting him on an airplane he'll be fine.
  2. Great update, thanks Greg! Now I'm just dying to see the next video episode.
  3. I loved the mini-episodes. Fantastic finish to it as well, can't wait until the game is released!
  4. Much more positive and informative episode, I liked it a lot (as always). Tim looks at least 13,5 years younger without a beard!
  5. I'd imagine that's the last of his worries though. I'm very excited to see how it's all come together so far, they've just showed us pieces here and there.
  6. I'm up for a gallblader surgery in a few weeks. Experiencing a gallstone attack is probably one of the most painful things a human being can endure without losing his mind and being commited forever.
  7. Great news! A short post like that goes a long way to calm people, just like Arenegeth pointed out. I know you guys are busy but when everything goes quiet for months people obviously start to pull their pants and hair in frustration.
  8. I'm dying for updates, any updates, too but I also know that there might be situations where they simply can't write anything useful to us. I suppose a simple "hello world" would suffice at some point. After all, we were supposed to be following the process as backers of the project and it's been a while now where all of us have been kept in the dark. It's unnecessary and only serves to create tension.
  9. You should be noticed through e-mail if you pledged through the Kickstarter campaign.
  10. The Longest Journey and when I'm finished with that I'll jump onto the sequel. I need to refresh my memory now that the third game is being funded on Kickstarter. Otherwise I'm still chugging along with Diablo 3, Starcraft II and Dungeons of Dredmor.
  11. Kickstarter rewards have already been sent out so that won't be possible. They were meant to be something exclusive for people who participated in the initial funding.
  12. I've reinstalled and started to play The Longest Journey and once I'm finished with it I'll jump straight into Dreamfall. On the backburner I have Dead Space 1 and Dungeonland cooking.
  13. I've backed that project so hard my wife will tear off my limbs very slowly and then eat me when she finds out.
  14. Disappointed in "this game"? Have you played it yet? What "failure" are you speaking of anyway?
  15. I'm quite baffled how anyone would think The Cave was the Kickstarter project. Not trying to be funny but anyone who has pledged to DFA must also follow the documentary right? Or at least have some sort of interest in what's going on? When was The Cave ever mentioned in the same breath as Kickstarter?
  16. Was it? With "definitely disturbing episode" I was expecting people stabbing each other and start painting the walls with their own guts, but it wasn't that disturbing (thankfully). There's always issues in a project to iron out but it seems to me Tim is very calm about it. It's almost as he is this Jedi Master soothing his padawans in the office.
  17. Another great episode. If we look in Star Wars terms, this is definitely the DF's version of Empire Strikes back in terms of mood and grittyness. Game development isn't always a merry dance, it's hard work and troop rallying and you're doing it just fine. You always have me, and probably a few more backers, behind you cheering you on. That's something many game developers don't have. Just sayin'. Don't turn into carbonite on us here!
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