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  1. Not sure what it matters how much they raised through the Slacker Backers. Suffice to say I'm sure they got a substantial amount that will enhance the game in unprecedented ways. The Backer forum is, like Syd just told you, a better place to raise these kind of concerns. It's not appropriate to ask and talk about figures in the public forum as that might be something DF want to keep close to their own chests.
  2. The progress all sounds great! Does this mean there is no more development of the game this year?
  3. I think it's fair enough. The documentary alone is worth more than $30 to me. I'm just happy I got on the train in time, and boy am I riding it all the way to Reno!
  4. Another fantastic episode. I'm sensing things aren't as happy and rosy as they were a few months ago, which is normal, but also makes these film clips even more interesting to watch. They feel real.
  5. I received an e-mail last week about delivery and today it arrived, one day after I came home from holiday. Good quality stuff. Thanks a bunch!
  6. All the episodes so far have been fantastic but this one was even better. Wow! Tim watching all those concept art drawings was a true moment of epicnessicity. If there ever was such a word. Probably not but there is now.
  7. You're embarassing yourself. Before you assume the role of a know-it-all I suggest you actually know what you're talking about. Jeez.
  8. Adventure games are alive and kickin' indeed! I never thought I'd see the day when there are so many point 'n' click games announced/released that I don't know which one to pick!
  9. I'm backing these games so far: DFA Dead State Wasteland 2 Shadowrun Returns I don't think my wallet can afford much more backing for the time being. Going on holiday soon and post-holiday is always the most painful economic time before the next salary comes.
  10. Oh dear. Where did I put my tinfoil hat again?
  11. To be fair, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy was a stupidly hard game to complete.
  12. Even if I invented a time-machine out of my DeLorean, handed it to the Royal Mail's top-postmen and had them deliver it to me personally before I even sent it, they would still not be here on time.
  13. Knowing what the postal service is like in the UK I'll probably get the game before the T-shirt.
  14. Fantastic episode! I checked the forum just a few seconds after the video came up and the forum was naturally a bit on the slow side.
  15. Fantastic video! Thanks so much for creating and posting it for us.
  16. I'm definitely backing this!
  17. I'd rather yell at a concrete wall. It feels more concrete.
  18. I am getting the SE box because I could afford it. It's an exclusivity that I think only the "real" backers had a chance to get.
  19. Silly poll is silly. A game can be funny and grim at the same time. Yes, it can.
  20. I backed the project with $110 because I wanted my money to be used for an awesome point 'n' click adventure game and I liked the idea of an exclusive T-shirt and a poster. Now, if you're a slacker backer and give $15 you obviously won't get any of that so I don't see where the problem is, am I missing anything here? In any case: If it was possible for others to pre-order the game for an infinite amount of money, I'm all for it. If they get a t-shirt and a glass of coke, freshly squeezed out of hand-picked herbs from planet Venus, I'm all for it. Doesn't matter to me. As long as I get my cool t-shirt and my even cooler poster to frame and put inst..^H^H^H^H ..next to the picture of my daughter it's all well and good in the kingdom of Me. The game can only get better with increased funds, right? Right?! You might feel butthurt because you didn't get to be the Special Snowflake for very long and I appreciate that, but the only way to be a Special Snowflake in this day and age is if you can hold your breath under water for more than 20 minutes and/or breathe in space*. The point I'm trying to make is that sometimes we have to get over ourselves and move along. I'll promise to start moan very loudly should this game suddenly turn into an fp courtroom drama. But it won't. You hear me, Tim! Probably not, but I know it won't. Cause Tim and DF don't want me to start moaning. *Don't try it at home, kids. Or in space for that matter.
  21. Another fantastic documentary! I love to see the writing process Tim is going through and much of the mental anguish I have myself when trying to write stuff. The story is certainly important but if it isn't balanced and complemented with good puzzles then it all falls flat anyway.
  22. "Your". I echo the sentiments btw. Awesome and amazing don't even begin to describe it. Thanks a lot for your hard work!
  23. Already added the $10 onto my pledge because I know how much the fine elves in the local post office work. Day and night, night and day they trudge those gigantous post sacks on their frail backs, travelling the classic 150 miles through the English underground passages and onto my doorstep. I pledged the $10 because I know what a smile it will create on their faces, their elf cheekes will flame up like a chili bossom burger (that's something I made up btw, but imagine a burger. With chili) and they can feed their own children and wives. Yes. I can truly announce that when the time came, my $10 was pledged out the ether and into the hands of the tether.
  24. I voted heather grey, but they're actually all very cool.
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