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  1. I consider myself an idiot in regards to programming but this was still a fascinating read. Keep at it, great post!
  2. I submitted my firstname and lastname, anything else would be just silly. I'm certain there is not a single backer with my name combination anyway.
  3. Fine by me, the more people get to pre-order the game the better! Heck, I'd pre-order it myself if I hadn't already backed it. I might actually pre-order it just to support some more. As long as the poster make me feel like a special snowflake I'm okey.
  4. My real name. I'm proud of backing this project.
  5. It's pretty silly to think you can change the pledge at this point. The campaign is over.
  6. I probably won't wear it anyway so I went with XL.
  7. I'd love their take on Wales or a village in Thailand.
  8. Backers come in all shapes and sizes. This op is a certified troll.
  9. We can all see ourselves as digital farmers. Planting the seeds and following the growth of our labour. Next year it will hopefully be in full bloom and we can reap our rewards.
  10. I'd love as much video as possible and Tim is a real treat to watch so I'm all for it!
  11. I'm funding Shadowrun and Wasteland 2. I'm not too sure about the remake of LSL. They've already made one remake and making a new one seems pointless to me. The character Larry might have been funny 20 years ago, but today it feels a little old, especially since I remember them saying "NO MORE LARRY!" after Larry III... yeah, he was nice enough to skip Larry IV and jump straight to V. Hilarious. It was still anti-funny and for that reason... I'm out. I'd back other type of projects too if I had the money for it.
  12. Can't take the bus to San Fransisco so I'm out.
  13. I'm so proud of myself to have actually had those $100 available for this. Normally I would probably had to pay off yet another loan shark knocking on my door with the handle of his shotgun. But this year was the year I drew a line in the sand. A really long one too. I pledged my $100 and by God almighty that money went through the cybercore wires straight into the Supercomputer HQ of Double Fine Productions.
  14. Eagerly awaiting! Too bad it's being released in the middle of my night. Too good I can stay up all night because I'm on holiday.
  15. I hope there will be one included in the game package for the backers only.
  16. Bye. Make sure the door hits you hard on the way out.
  17. Suggesting the game would flop is as silly as pretending there was no yesterday and tomorrow will be a sunny day. Makes no sense? Good, because a question that makes no sense doesn't deserve anything other than a confused answer. I went to Chessington World of Adventures yesterday and tomorrow will most definitely not be a sunny day whatever BBC chimes. So there. And yes, the game will be awesome. My $100 says it will. So there.
  18. I have my dusty ol' copy lying around in the closet somewhere. Count me in!
  19. How about a rabid squirrel, with wings. But the wings ain't working so it has to jump very fast and very far in order to look cool.
  20. Surely you mean "lose"? Loose doesn't make no sense. The Backer forum is tighter than a donkey's tail.
  21. Return to Zork and Indiana Jones & Fate of Atlantis. Return to Zork was the first proper Point 'n' Click graphic adventure where you could SEE what it looked like in the Underground Empire. And.. ..of course... "Want some rye? Course ya do!" Indiana Jones was sublime. I liked The Last Crusade but this one was bigger, cooler, harder and it featured submarines. Some of the puzzles were killing me slowly and graping my soul (just like Return to Zork) but in the end it was worth the effort.
  22. Seeing how crap the Monkey Island IP had become in the hands of Telltale I suppose it's nothing but good news that they won't make any more games. Let it rest. The first two games were masterpieces, the rest carbon copies or worse... Seriously, let it rest.
  23. I've played adventure games since 1987, starting with Zork. I also remember playing a Lord of the Rings adventure game on the Commodore 64. That was way before your time though so don't worry about it.
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