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  1. Terrible idea that dilutes the whole idea of one strong story. I was toying with this idea myself for a while but I wouldn't be crazy enough to actually suggest it here on the forum. What's wrong with you people? Don't you want a good adventure game?!
  2. I hope, for your sake, you're ironic. Otherwise you might be the biggest idiot on the forum.
  3. I remember in Police Quest III when you're in your office and can't go anywhere because the lift was bugged and stuck. Made me think about my own claustrophobic fears of standing inside a real elevator. Especially on my own. The whole game comes to a standstill, the world stops and all the inhabitants cease to go on with their virtual business because this one particular lift is stuck in orbit inside a police station. That is a pretty disturbing thought. What if one lift somewhere in the universe stopped working, causing a chain of events that would eventually make you cease to exist? What if some two-headed alien accidentally pressed the "STOP!" button, causing everything you know, and more, to stop their existence. Forever and ever. One more daunting example anchored in reality is in Police Quest II when you miss a virtual clue in a park, causing the game to stop in full speed. Nevermind not having the manual or not knowing the secret word on page 51, line 12, this is serious business.
  4. Starcraft II on PC Kid Icarus: Uprising on the Nintendo 3DS. When Diablo III is released I will play that. Whenever a new Zelda is released I'll play that. Chances are it'll come before the DFA is out. Oh, and I like biscuits with added soft cheese. Makes my taste buds go "yum!" with delight.
  5. I always use a notebook. Preferably with a known writer or a poet on the front cover.
  6. Might be a bad idea to overdo it. I remember reading a The Times article where there was an Australian couple who slowly overdid it while waiting for better weather. Obviously it never came, not on time anyway, and the wife actually had to kill eat her husband. That was against this particular supermarket's policy and she was fined $AUS 30.000. Not much when you think about it.
  7. I rather go with George Lazenby tbh.
  8. I'm going to frame and put the poster up in the living room, if the government allows me, but don't know yet about the T-shirt. Might wear it from time to time, not too much though.
  9. Hey everyone, I'm Dan, 33 year old teacher. I backed this project with $110 so I can have all the goodies shipped to my place in the UK. I'm originally from Sweden, moved to this island a few years ago to look for the Great White Peach. Didn't materialize so I ended up with a wife and a kid instead. Not a bad trade I suppose. Been playing Adventure Games since the g(l)ory days of Infocom. Leather Goddesses of Phobos, anyone? Obviously I played all the LucasArts and Sierra games as well. I was also busy creating my own games for the Amiga, releasing it as Public Domain, but I doubt anyone remember those masterpieces anymore. My mum never understood my passion for the Adventure Game genre, but my dad did, and it's mainly because of him I started with them in the first place. I couldn't believe my eyes (and ears) when I read about Schafer&Gilbert; doing this project together. It sounded too good to be true. Lucky for me, it wasn't. So here I am eagerly anticipating any news on the progress!
  10. Swedish, but I speak two other languages. Oh, and Gibberish. That's a language too, right?
  11. The first one was an amazing eyes-pop-out-of-their-sockets masterpiece and the second one was even better.
  12. It all depends on what kind of game it will be. Not all adventure games benefit from a Final Boss.
  13. We're consumers, not game developers. Even if someone of all those thousands of backers happen to be a game developer it still doesn't mean that particular person can influence on the development. We have front row seats to the show. If we don't like a certain actor then that's tough.
  14. I don't have an Xbox, I don't play PS3 and I ... well.. suddenly I'm wondering why I've backed a computer game? Oh yes, it's Tim Schafer. I knew his "look into my eyes" was something other than a proposition of the sensual persuasion!
  15. If the game can be fit into several different genres, that would be great. Even better if it fit into a genre that doesn't exist yet, that would raise a few of my eyebrows (both of them) and it would pave the way for many more adventure games in that particular genre.
  16. I loved those games! I will definitely make sure I back that up with a few pieces of eight.
  17. For me an adventure game is a single player experience. Sometimes I play it with a buddy beside me but it's always controlled by one person, me.
  18. I don't see myself as a boss by any stretch of the imagination. I've paid for the game, some stuff around it and the privilege to follow its development. That's it. If I happen to give an opinion or a suggestion that flies with the development team, that's great, if not then that's fine too. In fact, it's double fine.
  19. Depends on what the message is going to be. "Don't take drugs" or other preachy messages is a no-no.
  20. When I think of a good puzzle I always remember the funny ones in the Monkey Island games. Monkey wrench anyone? Another one that comes into mind is from one of the Zork games where you need to get past a one-eyed ogre. The solution to that one is a logical as it is easy when you think about it. You just have to find the giant onion and something to cut it with first...
  21. Looking forward to all the DF goodness coming in this general direction.
  22. I'm not English and although my English is pretty good (if I might say so myself) I usually have English sub-titles as a complement to the spoken. There is always something, a nudge or a wink, that you might miss if you only listen to the documentary. Especially when there is a three year old in the house. Tim might say something profound, something that shakes an infinite amount of galaxies to the core, but I missed it because my daughter in that exact moment decided to pull my finger and make a farting sound...
  23. I would like to think we're special. Yeah, I like that word. We're special. We've sponsored this project and should have front seats to see the show, the rest of the Internet can wait until the re-runs come on TV. And that's not gonna be in a while if ya'll know what I'm sayin'...
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