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  1. Wow, haven't visited the forum for about a month and, when I do, a new 2PP vid is posted within 5 mins - now that's lucky timing!! Thank you very very much!
  2. Absolutely great cast - each voice matches their character brilliantly! So... when do we find out who will be voicing the two lead characters?
  3. You do realise there are two 'N's!?! Probably think most people are referring to the 2nd N (or 'circle-N' to give it it's full name). I like the 2nd N too - groovy 1960s short dress and flowing hair. Also like P - she's more posed than a lot of the others so assuming Scott likes her quite a bit (remember, Tim always like characters in poses! ). She also looks more warrior-like. Probably need to know more of the story to know which suits best. More to the point, I'd trust Tim's instincts!
  4. Using an inventory item suggestion - different approaches for touchscreen device and mouse driven device. • Drag inventory down for touchscreen is great but could be less cumbersome for mouse driven interface. • Have top 5-10% of screen hover-sensitive to mouse so that, when mouse is in this zone, the inventory automatically scrolls down without having to click anything. • Moving the mouse away from the revealed inventory should make it automatically scroll back up again. Small feature but reduces the number of mouse clicks a user has to make, which is always a good thing.
  5. This post is the sort of thing you should print out and put on your wall so you're reminded every day! For extra inspiration, I'm going to eat cheese before going to bed tonight.
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