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  1. Very impressive work guys. Definitely worth it. Thank you.
  2. So if I want to get the complete collection and I've already got the Blu-Ray coming the only stuff I'll need to download from VHX are the sidequests? Deleted scenes, bonus content, etc... you packed that all in on the discs? Most impressive.
  3. I'm certainly picking up the boxed retail version. Partially because it's going to be different than the one they're sending out to backers, but mostly because after drought of graphic adventure games I tend to buy physical boxes whenever they're available. Something about buying an adventure game in a box just makes me happy. After that I wouldn't be surprised if I wound up buying it on an Android or iOS down the road.
  4. Oh okay. So if I'm understanding correctly you didn't mean frame data in a specific way, more of a logical assumption based on file size. I'm used to never taking file size at face value as you can have a massive file that's of significantly lower quality. It can depend on sources and how the files are encoded for example. I was hoping there was some sort of definitive way to check that the file was objectively better. Frame data sounded much more specific than file size. That said, I believe you. I'm going to compare them side by side now just to see for myself (still downloading, it is massive!). Kind of a waste of bandwidth but I'm curious at this point. It makes sense that a file three times smaller might be a bit blurrier. It's a bit of a non-issue for me. I'm getting the Blu-Ray version and the HumbleBundle downloads don't include the SideQuests (at least yet). If/When they do I'm probably going to need a bigger hard drive with those file sizes! --- Edit, just got done comparing them on a smaller PC screen with the 1080p versions. Comparing them side by side I do notice a slight difference. When testing myself I could always identify the version I thought looked clearer and it was always the larger HumbleBundle file. The VHX copies looked great and I don't think it's anything I would've noticed unless I was comparing them paused and side by side. I can see though how if you were archiving this and you had the HDD space to spare a person would certainly opt for the HumbleBundle files. It's now what I'm going to do for the SideQuests. So thanks for the heads up! Just when I thought I was becoming less anal retentive... along comes this.
  5. Ah, no idea it was a quality issue. It sounded like a format preference. Very perceptive! Just curious, how does one compare frame data? 3 to 4 times sounds super impressive, but having watched from both sources on a big screen I would've had no idea. Then again I'm terrible at that. I can't tell the difference between Netflix in HD and a Bluray but I'm told the difference is massive. Maybe I need some glasses!
  6. It doesn't really answer your question, but all of the videos on VHX are in MP4.
  7. Ah, I see. That's wonderful news. Sad about the Tim Plays videos but once again it's entirely understandable. Thanks for responding! I'll be looking forward to the rest of the videos when they pop up... so that I can complete my collection!!! Mwahahahaha!!! (I'm not really sure if an evil laugh was necessary but it just felt right)
  8. Ha! I was just updating my post to reflect this. I realized that although they were posted as Sidequests and called Sidequests on their respective title screens that these might not count. I think I did a better job making this clear in my update. And I certainly agree, though I enjoyed the other videos as well. I especially enjoyed Dave Gardner's SQ.
  9. This is awesome. To be honest with all this great content that you've put out I couldn't imagine how it could all be put on discs. This is a perfectly reasonable solution. It's especially nice to get the files in 1080P so that should I have the desire to do so I could make my own set. Thanks for giving us more than I think anyone expected. One question. There are some sidequests missing. Will they be showing up later or did they not make the cut? Here's a list of the ones I noticed being absent, it may not be complete. My Father Told Me It Would Be Like This (Tim Schafer) I’m Such a F@#$in’ Genius (Tim Schafer) I Think It’s Ok That I’m Still Here (Ray Crook) Look, the Clocks… (Dave Gardner) What I Wish I Could Have Done Then (Peter McConnell) These were posted as Sidequests but are also the Tim Plays segments. Maybe they don't count. It’s All Coming Back to Me (Tim Schafer) Put Your Lips on That (Tim Schafer) Maybe We Were Geniuses (Tim Schafer) Also, one Sidequest in the list has a slight mistake. It shows up on VHX as Sidequest // Brandon Dillon "There Could Possibly Be Some Legal Issues" The title in the video itself is "There Are Potentially Some Legal Issues" Figured I'd mention it.
  10. Nope. I got everything I expected and more. I cannot think of the last time a game has met my expectations, none the less exceeded them. I'm one happy camper.
  11. On the positive side it's is nice to see so much raging passion for a game we all love this long after it's release. The OPs argument might not hold up to rational debate or basic logic but it does speak to how powerfully these graphic adventures games (specifically Tim's) have really struck a chord with so many. It's a shame that passion couldn't be used positively or more constructively. I think we can all agree a remastered Grim Fandango is a win for everyone, and thanks to Sony that will be possible. They provided to the funds to make the game possible and seeing as other platforms are coming it seems completely reasonable that Sony should get a small window of time to have it as an exclusive. It's truly a bizarre rant. Just another example of the internet age, where even when people get exactly what they want they'll still find some reason to be outrageously angry. I spent a few minutes just trying to understand the OPs thought process. Comparing different games, adding in completely unrealistic expectations of what Kickstarter actually means, misunderstanding how the game was actually funded... and most curiously going on to insult Playstation owners slightly before admitting to being a Playstation owner. I'm just glad to see the unanimously calm and level headed reactions. PC gamers have certainly not been ignored, thanks to this deal it looks like I'll be getting exactly what I wanted. Waiting a little bit for a game to hit PC is a much better deal than not getting the game made at all. Oh and just in case the OP popped back in, it's probably worth mentioning that if you're having fecal matter dumped on you from a great height you should probably look into that. As the rest of the PC fans who make up the core fan base have attested, this clearly isn't happening to anyone else here.
  12. I'm doing my best to adjust to life in the new digital age, honest! But I really liked The Cave and I would love to have something physical of it to add to my collection of graphic adventure boxes. Without a box it's almost like these wonderful games didn't really exist! Well, alright it's not quite that bad but I sure do love boxes. I know it probably doesn't make sense financially to produce something like that and I can think of half a dozen reasons why a box doesn't need to exist and I'm probably the only one out there with such an outlandish request... wait, why am I bringing up the downsides? The point is that I'd want one.
  13. Two great games to be playing. Welcome daniocal! Do crimebots dream of electric sheep? I think the answer depends on whether Harrison Ford is involved.
  14. The iPad. It's the newer one if that matters. Not the mini, but the one that came out just before it.
  15. Fair enough. Personally I'd just take the story posted on Variety that was then reported on by Joystiq, Game Informer and IGN over my own personal wish lists if you know what I mean. Also keep in mind Paul Dini's departure is not rumor and certainly casts a huge doubt over the idea that they would return to his story threads... but I'm with you man. Keep the hope alive. I'd much rather have the game you have in mind than the one that's been leaked out in rumors. Still is odd to get rid of Paul Dini if you aren't expecting to make a dramatic departure in terms of story in one way or another. That said, Origins from what I've read made a special note to make it clear they would not be dealing with the Joker. That to me that speaks volumes about Rocksteady making the prequel game about the first run in with the Joker. It seems odd that when making a prequel game as Origins is going to be that you would avoid using the Joker as a villain. So when you have Warner Bros talking about Rocksteady making a prequel game specifically about the Joker due in 2014 and another developer making another prequel game without the Joker in 2013... it's just an awful lot of smoke if there isn't any fire. I don't think going back to the silver age would be as difficult to pull off as you suggest. You wouldn't have to date it so obviously, it has more to do with using that era of the comic books to pull from for the story. From what was suggested it was more about setting the story during the "silver age" so that the beginning of the Justice League could be involved and to reintroduce the Joker. Nothing I read implied that it would hit you over the head with the date. I couldn't tell you what year Arkham City took place in and I would assume that would be true in any game they made. And in reality I think a lot of it comes down to DC and what they're doing with the franchises they own. It's pretty clear they're very interested in capturing some of that Avengers cash, and if they want to tie the Arkham franchise to an upcoming Justice League film there's nothing that will stop them. Awkward as it might be to imagine now, that's typically how comic book companies roll. Again I just wanted to say I'm with you on this. I'm not trying to say I want any of this to happen. If I'm being honest, all of this sounds pretty sad. I think the story Variety reported on, rumor or not, sounded like a different game than I wanted to play. And at the same time, the announcement of Origins is another game that isn't the game I wanted to play. I really hope you're right and it's not a yearly franchise even as the admittedly limited information we have seems to point to yes. And I really hope you're right that despite not using Paul Dini who wrote the previous two games, that Rocksteady is still planning to revisit the story from Arkham City. That is the game I'd want to play. And as long as we're putting wishes over what's being reported, my sequel would be written by Dini and would bring Mark Hammil out of Joker retirement.
  16. I played the demo for Dust and still intend to buy it. Just haven't gotten around to it. The writing didn't seem super great to me. Typical video game cliches and so on. But the art is awesome and the gameplay felt solid as a rock. Almost exactly the same here for more or less the same reasons... except I finally got around to buying it. Well, to be fair I finally saved up enough Bing search points to cash in $15 worth of XBox points and had nothing else to buy so there you have it. I think it was actually on sale too. The writing hasn't bothered me, but if I let writing in video games bother me I'd probably have to stop playing games these days! I think (or I should I say I hope) the cliches are on purpose. Just as the gameplay borrows heavily from other classics, I think that's what the writing is going for. That's not to say the game didn't get a little irritating at points. A few of the areas of the game borrowed some things that were better left forgotten (I'm looking at you spikes & poison mushrooms). But the majority of what it borrows it does well. For the most part it's been a pleasant enough throw back, but considering I got it for "free" and had little else to play that's not saying a ton. I enthusiastically endorse that move. It's a blast, even a few years out.
  17. Wonderful news. Androids need all the loving they can get. Robotically speaking of course.
  18. For some reason Cosmic Crowbar doesn't seem to like his new outfit when I send him out to put out fires or stop runaway buses. When he shows up there will be a weird box of distortion that appears over him. It's kind of greenish and it flickers a lot as he moves, it looks a bit like trying to watch a locked out cable channel. I really dig the game so I figured I should mention something, but it doesn't dampen my enjoyment one bit. I've tried to snap a picture of it with my cell phone but I'm horribly uncoordinated, though I could try again if it would help. - edit - I thought he wasn't in his upgraded costume, but it seems that he is. And a I managed to nab a picture of it!
  19. Love it. Thanks for giving my eyes sustenance.
  20. Currently, Dust an Elysian Tail. I should be finishing up The Cave, but the patch threw a wrench in those plans.
  21. I hope you're right about the yearly sequel disease. It has been a few years since Arkham City, but that's about the right time frame to get another developer in and to get another game ready. I mean, if WB wanted to use the increasingly popular yearly sequel business model you have to start somewhere. The way other studios have been operating is to give studio A two years to release a game and studio B two years to release a game, they just alternate the releases to make it a yearly franchise. If WB did want to do a similar yearly sequel system after the success of Arkham City in 2011, studio B would have a game ready two years later... exactly when Origins is slated for release. Again, I really do hope you're right and they don't turn this into a yearly sequel situation, though even with that optimism having another developer jump into the Arkham franchise doesn't exactly bode well for whomever is making the decisions. As for Rocksteady, the sequel they had planned wasn't a continuation of the storylines left in Arkham City. They were going to do a prequel, going back to the "silver age". The game was going to involve Batman's first meeting with the Joker. Another change was they were not going to be using Paul Dini (writer & producer from the Batman Animated Show) who wrote the stories for both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. The rumors also said it would likely be used to setup the Justice League in order to get ready for the potential movie in the works. I'd love to have seen a direct Rocksteady sequel addressing the storylines from the previous two games, but it really doesn't seem like that's the game they were setting out to make. Oh, and the speculation for when the Rocksteady sequel would be ready? 2014... one year after Origins is supposed to be released. Assuming the Rocksteady game hasn't been canned or delayed, that sounds suspiciously like the beginning of yearly sequels to me. LINK MONSTER http://www.ign.com/articles/2012/07/11/arkham-city-sequel-will-be-a-silver-age-prequel http://www.joystiq.com/2012/07/11/report-rocksteadys-next-batman-game-to-be-a-silver-age-based-p/ http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2012/07/11/next-rocksteady-batman-game-set-in-silver-age.aspx http://www.insidegamingdaily.com/2012/08/03/paul-dini-says-hes-not-working-on-next-rocksteady-batman-game/ LINK MONSTER WAS HERE MWARRRR
  22. Supposedly Rocksteady was working on a "silver age" version of Batman that was going to investigate his initial meeting with the Joker for their next title. With this more recent announcement perhaps that's been shelved. It seems a kind of bizarre way to handle the franchise if you ask me. Personally I loved Arkham Asylum and then loved Arkham City even more. I agree with Leroy, they're two of my favorites from this generation of games. I'd sign up for another Batman game immediately assuming it was created by Rocksteady, adding another developer to the mix makes me somewhat skeptical. I hope it doesn't turn into a Call of Duty or Assassin's Creed type situation where they release a new title every year by using two different developers. I'll be waiting for the reviews on this one.
  23. Same problem here. Running The Cave on a slim PS3 in America. I was going through on my third playthrough. Started today and PS Plus automatically updated my game. When I loaded it up, I was starting over. No cave paintings, no save game... as near as I can see my save is gone and it seems to have been replaced by a new fresh save. Came here out of desperation hoping for a fix, but at least now I know I'm not alone. Any hope of a fix?
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