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  1. So yah just come in here every so often and comment on movies you've seen recently. I just watched Eagle Eye. It was much better than I thought it would be and although it is still hard to accept LeBauf as an adult actor I think he did a good job and kudos.
  2. DLC and Options Wish List Updated 7/14/2011

    Would love local co-op and also random spawn points was a good one. New parts are a given.
  3. Trenched!!! Come play with me. YAY!!! gamertag = tiffuts
  4. Once Upon A Monster first trailer!!!

    Idk about this one DF but i understand you gotta make a buck so you can buy back the rights for psychonauts.
  5. I just finished the zombie island of dr ned dlc for borderlands today. It twas really fun. Just started in on moxxis underdome it is kinda hard though. Fun stuff though. fun stuff.
  6. No, cause americans like their shit BIG.
  7. I rented borderlands and played some split screen with my buddy then realized that I just need to buy that game.
  8. I havent played dragon age yet. Looks good. Is it more like kotor or mass effect, as far as game mechanics go?
  9. I Have Candy

    Sorry to disappoint you guys. It was an act of desperation. It was a moment of weakness! Please forgive me!!! I shall never give in again.
  10. I Have Candy

    oh that's harsh man.
  11. I Have Candy

    Pssh im hardly spamming. I posted it in like two threads. Also it's not spam it's CANDY!!!
  12. I Have Candy

    I know right. I've already gotten ten clicks and it's only posted on two forums.
  13. Yes it is. Sweet, sweet candy.
  14. Hey everybody. Click on this please. http://social.bioware.com/brc/1476175
  15. Only the first glass, the second glass tastes much better. Also it is better cold.
  16. That song was ok. I didnt like the vocals a whole lot but the instrumentals were pretty good. Kinda shoddy recorded, sounded like it was done in a garage. Drums were too loud but maybe its just my crappy laptop speakers. ok here's mine
  17. I felt so bad for Brett Favre when he turned it over, but it was sooo exciting! IMO Favre played a pretty shitty game. And his team didnt really help him hold onto the ball either. I'm surprised they even got the score they did.
  18. Mass Effect 2. Everybody play this game now. That said I do miss some things from ME1. I'm not too fond of the new planet exploration, it seems more tedious then driving around in the mako. I also don't like the simplification of leveling up skills. Other than that the game kicks ass! The scope seems much larger than the last one and I have a feeling it's going to be immensely epic. Also I transferred my ME1 character and started as a vanguard. I like all the bonuses they give you for transferring a ME1 savegame, it's nice.
  19. I saw Sherlock Holmes the other day. I havent read any of the books but I thought the movie was very good.