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  1. A city inside a turning rubix cube that someone is trying to solve outside it. (So the streets/bulidings would constantly change position) Inside an Ice Cream cone, as the ice cream slowly drips down to the base of the cone. Avoiding what is known as death by drowning in ice cream. An old folks home. A packet of corn flakes. A world full of people that don't know how to stand up on their feet.(So everyone is crawling/ dragging their bodies) A box factory that has ran out of stock of boxes. Double fine building. A tiny hair on someone's arm that hosts a city of small creatures that hail the "almighty mole" that the hair is coming out of. Every time the character in the game tries to talk to them they say "Hail the Mole!" at the start of every sentence. In the kitchen of a cooking show were a self loving idiot host makes up some sort of dish and your trying to sabotage it. On a television commercial selling the brand new innovative product called the Spanish fork. A fork that speaks spanish while you east complemented your every bite. "Your biting technique is AMAZING SIR".
  2. TIM FOR SHAME! May I quote " For me, it has to be first thing in the morning, when the brain is empty. You’re not allowed to check email, Twitter, Facebook—nothing. Talk to as few people as possible beforehand. Every input you allow into your brain is just distracting junk that will grow and swell and muck things up. You are allowed to use the bathroom, but no reading in there. No verbal input!" You went against your own rules and went on the internet before your free writing! GASP! HORROR! SELF BETRAYAL! PHOTOSYNTHESIS! I suggest you write an hour extra for this grave mistake ;D
  3. 19 year old male from scotland, seeking tlc and adventure.
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