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  1. Please make Richard Horvitz sound less robotic. That effect makes it impossible to recognize him.
  2. Hi Double Fine! I want to listen to music from this game! Do you plan to release it somewhere (preferably DRM-free)? Or is it already available? Also, is music from trailers (character introduction and launch trailer) included in the game? I haven't beat it yet. Thanks!
  3. Very interesting video! But it would be also interesting to hear some technical details. What languages do you program in, what software do you use and stuff like that. Also, hello from Ukraine!
  4. If I learned something from reading feminist sites is that independent girls wear pants. Or at least don't wear minis.
  5. Looks amazing! Though, there's a hole in his beard in a very first expression in this video. One must be careful to not let such artifacts slip into the final product. I guess that's the danger of making it 3Dish instead of fully painted.
  6. In a world full of people who think that they're creating a clever and original setting if they just use an ordinary object they see right now. On a snowflake, on a drop of water, on a rug, on a leaf, in music instrument, on a dog. So uncreative. I want to see at least one character like that in the final game. Also add these: civilization on a leaf, civilization under the fridge, civilization in the iphone, civilization in a keyboard...
  7. You are not the only one P.S. At least we can't get any lower That's a relief. They should be put into reservations as endangered species.
  8. - District of the Apes. Like the planet of the apes but they didn't conquer all Earth because they're apes. They only got their own ghetto-like district where they struggle to survive like illegal immigrants cause they can't get a good job and also don't know the language well. - An antarctic base. There's storm/blizzard outside. It can be really atmospheric. - A Chinese town of Guilin. In the future. Edit: It's a tourist spot so probably in the future you can meet some space alien tourists there. Alien tourists that buy Chinese hats and pretend that they understand zen buddhism. - Doug Tennapel's Ghostopolis. I know that's a totally different IP and it won't be made into an adventure game but it would be just awesome if it did. (After few minutes of thinking I recalled that you already made a game about a land of the dead..) - A Graveyard orbit. I bet you didn't knew about it. Edit: Spacecraft cemetery is also cool. - A Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The island of plastic trash that probably can be populated sometime. Maybe by some outcasts/misfits or maybe by a new type of animals. Or it can be pirate hub.
  9. - An island populated by two different nationalities which hate each other and have wars and conflicts but you can't tell the difference between them even if you try really hard so you keep sincerely wondering what is the difference all through the level and you never get an answer. - A city in a Russian nowhere where communism is turned out great and everybody's happy though they don't know about the rest of the world and outsider can spoil everything. - An underground computing facility which is simulating entire universe and some people think that it actually simulates the universe we're in right now so robot-scientists that work there trying their best to not let it stop. - A future where human's brain can be extracted and put into any body/robot/simulation/animal so people are abandoning their brainless bodies, and these bodies have their own village where they do all their brainless activities like watching commercials, playing lotteries, shopping, taking photos of themself shopping and posting them to facebook. - A five-story London house full of elderly British people that somehow ended up on other planet (or hell/heaven) but nobody of residents noticed and if you tell them, they just think it's a joke. The TVs in the house are showing weird stuff but everybody doesn't care.
  10. Ha-ha-ha! Now I will use all those ideas and will get rich! I will put every idea from this thread in a game and it will be better then Tim's game which will only have few of those and they'll not be new because I will use them first! Ha-ha-ha-ha!!!
  11. I wanted to ask the same question. @Tim, do you set some goals or give yourself some subject for the start? Or just start with a blank mind and write anything that emerges from the deep mysterious bottom of it?
  12. The Neverhood I received it as a gift. It's still one of the best adventure games in the world for me. It also made me hungry for other adventure games and then I've found Day of the Tentacle and then Grim Fandango.
  13. I want some reward for that! Seriously though, I though better of my country. P. S. I really want some reward for that.
  14. It's crazy that Ukraine is on the very last place. Next thing you'll tell me that I'm the only backer from Ukraine.
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