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  1. This was a very well thought video, thanks Tim and the Team! (hmm... Tim and the Team... must... be... some... pun there... or at least a band name). Thanks for letting us join you all on this amazing trip, its ups and downs, and everything in between. You are all awesome and I will forever follow all your projects with interest and with an insightful and trained eye now that I have seen what developing a game really is about. Hugs!
  2. That's so cool! Made my day, Sir! Congrats on your parenting!
  3. Same here. Just fixed. Don't know how, but it works now!
  4. Incredible. Great SideQuest, and great to learn from Khris what I think we all thought of her. I am proud to know that people like you work in this industry.
  5. Hi. This is precisely why I asked whether this is European Spanish, or Latino, so I can correct accordingly if needed.
  6. Hi there. Malena, quick question, as I don't remember: the Spanish loc. is done with Spanish from Spain, or Latino? Pardon the ignorance, I just want to make sure what I'm correcting (native teacher in Spain, EUROPE).
  7. Great! About the Spanish localisation, at least myself will be playing in English first and then Spanish, just to help you guys out. When would be a reasonable time for localisation bug detection so you can actually correct any possible mistakes?
  8. Awesome! Thanks a bunch for the update! Take your time, no pressure!! Warmest hugs!
  9. Awesome! Thanks for sharing, Oliver! Keep up the great work, guys! We're all very proud of what your studio does for all gamers around the world I mean, come on, I got my mom into wonderful gaming thanks to DF!
  10. Make that double fine for me. Double fine. Double... fine... . ... Doub...
  11. I totally agree, and I honestly think it's fair. From all points of view (the original backers', both companies', etc).
  12. The tree is hilarious! Just one thing about the video. Sometimes, when the camera zooms in on an area the character is approaching, it changes direction in quite a rough way, although I suppose that will be ironed out. On Painting Style: I applaud the decision of working out the Flash feel of it, and I think you have achieved it quite nicely. On Atmosphere: If you can dynamically introduce all those layers without the feeling of them being pre-rendered, as if a film was running in the background, I think it's a fantastic approach, which will only enrich the 2D feel. On Living World: Maybe I am a bit worried about production time, but if you can automatize things like foliage or insects, etc., would be great. On Lighting: I also agree that in some areas, there is probably a bit more darkness than I'd like, but I suppose that's an art-style balance or choice issue. Character rim looks great. On Interaction: Maybe highlighting can be switched on or off... a difficulty option? On Dialogue: I understand this is just playing with camera angles (which were very appropriate, if I may, for the conversation style) and animations, but I thought it looked great. Loved the light choice on the character as well. Great job! Keep these post rolling in Hugs from Europe!
  13. Works great on Chrome and Android devices. Both HD and SD, although to be fair Vimeo was great as well. THANKS a lot for Kooky, guys. You're the best!
  14. Great update. This is how things have to be done. What does it say on your badge? "Give example". Oh, btw, love the painted "!!!1" mistake !!!!1
  15. I don't know if this will make it into the final game, but it should. I has a kind of Braid thing that I really like. Just my idea. Thanks. I also liked Braid. I suppose it's the unexpected which also makes a game thrive, as people are a bit sick of foreseeable plot lines.
  16. Loved all the ideas. Two different visual art styles would be great, though it will require a lot of work. Just thinking about the two styles merging would be great. WAIT! Due to a series of unforeseen events, right about halfway through the game, their worlds are bound to collapse one into the other, making things from one universe appear into the other. All of this made by an evil-doer, the main antagonist. The concept of coming of age can be dealt with by each character having to fix the other's mistakes, thus learning about the consequences of their own decisions: what was done and thought right by one of them is seen as actually a mistake by the other, and fixed. ooook... I've just had a braingasm...
  17. Now, I wouldn't say "Both nostalgia and originality are over rated", but if they sprinkle a few in-jokes here and there for the oldies, they might as well just make us crack a smile, and deep down we'll know it was worth the funding. What? Oh, nothing, I just got something in my eye there a little bit. Maybe I should compensate it with a dirty joke... oh, never mind.
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