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  1. I think the main thing that should be avoided is the need for someone who's hopelessly stuck is the need to tab out of a game to look up the solution. I'm someone who does genuinely enjoy finally reaching that "Ah-ha" moment, yet if something is set up merely to impede progress rather than contribute to the story and pacing of a game, I can easily get frustrated and look it up, and if I have to look up solutions more than a couple of times I just stop playing because that's no way to enjoy a game. I like the solutions you bring up, and I also start thinking about the older Silent Hill titles and their puzzle difficulties. On the Beginner setting, the clues were much more plainly worded so it was easy to sort out a puzzle, whereas on the harder one's they require careful re-reading of notes and much more trial and error to figure things out. I use this puzzle in particular as an example: http://silenthill.wikia.com/wiki/Coin_Puzzle. tl;dr In summation, maybe there should be different difficulties so everyone's happy, such as noobs like me and adventure game vets.
  2. I'm the same way. I've started many as a kid, I have a couple including Machinarium but I got frustrated by the fourth room or so and gave up. However, I haven't played a Double Fine game that I didn't like and hopefully - HINT HINT DF Team - there's a system or style to the game that ensures that these situations aren't as common or skippable (ie you can forgo a puzzle, but with less of a reward or some level of reasonable punishment). Not as a cheat, mind you, but to allow an unclever man such as myself to enjoy the story without getting too frustrated early on and simply not finishing it.
  3. Am I the only one who thought in the middle bit where Tim was talking about goodwill and fans not always buying their games and whatnot that it sounded like the plot to A Year Without Santa Claus?
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