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  1. This is excellent! Thank you for reaching out in a way that makes sure everyone is aware they are wanted.
  2. Sorry I didn't do any in depth information grabbing, these are just things I noted down. Hopefully they're somewhat useful. - Climbing up the ladder up to Jesse's nest, Vella's sprite is behind the ladder. - Multi-line dialogue sometimes glitches out when the zoom of the camera is changing. - Depth detection on the Mailbox at Curtis's house is off. You can activate it, when you're still next to the house, and then Vella will jump forward in depth interact, and jump back. - When dragging items around there are very large lag spikes. - Can't run around in Shell. (This may be simply a lack of implementation rather than a bug, but I think it would be good to have.) - Backers credits section is very difficult to navigate. Cheers, Dxdiag http://pastebin.com/GuVSGZY5
  3. I feel like the suggestion I wished to portray was lost under a wave of 'anti-riven style p&c game' posts. Please understand that I am aware that the games that Tim and his teams make are very different from Riven, and I would never wish him to create a game similar to it. If you would please take the time to read my OP again, I put a large emphasis on ambience and immersion. (Not game-play mechanics!!!!) I don't want a Riven clone--I said as much in hopes that it might be taken into account. What I was suggesting was a possible inspiration from the subtly of the Riven environments. Looking at Tim's old games, they are far from subtle, but who's to say that such games cannot contain subtly?
  4. This sounds a hair like how Trine works. While I found Trine to be somewhat fun, I did not enjoy the mechanics it employed. The specific way you describe the multi-character scheme is much more tasteful in my opinion. I would love to see how it might work. I +1 this notion.
  5. I would love to be knee deep in the development process, and how the game mechanics will work. However, spoiling the story and puzzles for myself would be a terrible thing.
  6. I support this notion, somewhat. There should definitely be a way to appease soft-core and hard-core puzzlers with the same product. I would personally love to be painfully stuck on portions of the game while other have flown past me, only to become stuck in a rut that I giddily fly over with ease. It is always a treat and thrill to solve puzzles in record time, or even to be stuck on the 'easiest puzzle in the world' only to solve it 16 hours after slamming into it's cold and merciless walls. But... I'd have to say that the majority of people don't like getting stuck--you covered that in that one interview video--so will need a less merciless, and much shorter, wall presented to them when they come across a meaty puzzle. Perhaps a dynamic difficulty system which takes not only your personal preference into account, but also how quickly and efficiently you solve the given puzzles. If you want to play on easy or hard, pick the difficulty. If you are solving the puzzles with little effort, or it comes down to a trial and error session, adjust the difficulty accordingly for the next puzzle. [/2c] Cheers,
  7. I can't help but be offended that RIVEN was made more than 10 years ago. This makes me sad. :'( I voted for Samarost2, for it's oddity and uniqueness.
  8. While the gesture is sound, I have to agree with the flow of opinion so far. Co-op is good for games that are centred around team-play, and a point and click adventure game is not. Point and click is a style built specifically for the single player, like how playing a MUD in co-op would be nothing short of a frustrating experience. This. I can't explain how and why it would break the immersion until the game is in a more completed state, but unless they come up with an incredibly magical game-play structure I cannot see this working. Cheers,
  9. Congratulations! I can't wait to see how you spend our money in extraordinarily irresponsible ways! Be sure to keep up the transparency and show us all the crazy laser tag, paint-balling, and clubbing you do with my well donated money!
  10. RIVEN is, without a doubt, still the greatest P&C adventure game I've ever played. The music, environments, art style, story, puzzles... The whole feel of it is just superb--I still want Cyan to magically produce a high resolution, remastered, version of the game. Ambient immersion--if I might invent a new term--at it's finest, and no more logical a place to pull inspiration from. (All in my own humble opinion, of course!) Do you, developers, have any plans to take anything away from RIVEN for your 'double fine' production? I speak not of the puzzles, nor the world. I'm talking about the ambiance, the way the game simply draws you in and keeps you there. You forget that you're playing an obscenely low resolution game, that you have swapped CDs more times in the last few hours than you have in an entire year, that the final puzzle is painfully obvious once you solve it. (Just like MYST, haha!) No, instead of dwelling on those you are drawn into the game in a unique way that stands to why the quality of RIVEN is still superior to so many games coming out today. This is starting to sound like a massive "I love riven, make a riven clone please", thought I swear it isn't meant to be. I believe those of you who enjoyed riven will understand what I'm trying to get across here. The story line is subtle, you discover the plot yourself, nothing is thrown in your face, you might just start not knowing who your character is, you don't know the world you're in, how big will this world be, what kind of creatures will you face? I recall some talk that this game will be a side-scroller, with extravagantly painted art. So I do hope that both subtly and grace are used to fuse the art, story, and game-play together. That's all from me. Don't be too hard on this riven lover.
  11. We can TRY to keep it private, I sure wont be sharing anything, but I'd put money on there being at least 10 people who became backers explicitly to get and re-upload the documentary. Not much to do about it.
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