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  1. The world needs this documentary more than anything else at the moment, so I say go for it!
  2. These look great! Higher res would be appreciated.
  3. Tim, I have a solution to make act 2 financially more successful AND please the hardcore fans: In-game puzzle purchases! if someone wants a higher difficulty he can buy additional harder puzzles!
  4. Wow, these are great! Just curious, how much effort goes into making one of these?
  5. Also, I think the ratio between space to explore and objects to interact with is too big. Take for example the screen with the lumberjacks house. It looks great but there is just the mailbox to click on and the snake, both of which are not essential parts to interact with. Day of the Tentacle did a great job with this. There were many small rooms with several items in each one. It felt really dense.
  6. No question about it. That's one of the reasons why the second half of the game won't take nearly 2 years to make. I bet there's even a few projects in the Amnesia Fortnight that will have it easier with the Reds engine (or whatever it's called). Do you have any estimate about how much time initially went into creating the engine? 6 months? Maybe more, maybe less?
  7. These are quite different games made by different companies on a different engine. Plus one of them isn't finished yet, so you can't accurately measure the complexity. Plus there's all the infrastructure LucasArts was providing. These are definitely valid points. So you're saying if DF made another adventure game in the future more funds could go into actual gameplay now that they have created an engine that fits them?
  8. Yes, I would guess that the game budget excluding rewards/documentary etc. is around 4 million. According to Wikipedia Grim Fandango's budget was 3 million, so adjusted for inflation it should be slightly above 4 million, which is Broken Age's budget. Grim Fandango has much more unique characters in the game, easily 5 to 10 main ones. If I remember correctly it took me 20+ hours to play it through the first time. How come the same budget doesn't make it possible to do a similar complex game?
  9. I remember Tim saying at some point that they were approaching Grim Fandango type of budget adjusted by inflation. I might be wrong though.
  10. Let me say first that I enjoyed the game and it was money well spend, but considering this has the same budget as grim fandango how come that grim fandango feels much longer and much more epic than broken age?
  11. I am getting more and more excited each day. The dialogue from the day of the devs bit was great and funny, just what you would expect from tim schafer. I can't believe someone was skeptical this would turn out great.
  12. It's good to know there are people out there who really understood what they pledged for.
  13. In the latest episode Tim said if they continue production like before the game would be released in 2015. How much did they have to cut so that now it ships January / April 2014? Or did I get something wrong?
  14. Thanks. Sounds logical. It would be great if they made use of that for hopefully many more adventure games to come...
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