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  1. Backers at Physical Levels! Please Check Your Email!

    Your confirmation email from Fangamer should have a link to an address change form. If you didn't get the email, you should probably email Fangamer directly. You are correct, I did receive a confirmation e-mail with the link and they replied to my request for assistance, so all is now good.
  2. Backers at Physical Levels! Please Check Your Email!

    I received the e-mail but hit return by accident while filling out the form so they haven't got my address. I replied to the e-mail but I don't know if anyone will see it. Can anyone help?
  3. Because cropping the art would suck, I'm hoping for a mass epiphany to affect whomever has yet to vote so the obvious choice to showcase the main artwork - horizontal - wins out in the end.
  4. The art would look best on a horizontal box, so that is how I voted. Come on, horizontal!!!
  5. Doesn't work on Windows XP Pro / IE8.
  6. Rewards Going Out!

    I love that the shirt is an American Apparel - my favorite! Even the rewards are top-notch!