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  1. I assume it's fine posting this here, since it's a backer-only area:
  2. I had some frame drops, but my build is pretty old. I also had a minor bug (that I've reported) where voice audio stopped playing, but it was fixed when I reloaded my save. This "beta" is more stable than a lot of "release" games I've played.
  3. It was a work of art the whole way through. Can't wait to see more documentary episodes and act 2!
  4. I'm assuming it has to be the riddle, because I can't interact with the snake... maybe there's something back in the cloud colony, but I've gone through it again, too, and I can't see anything I missed there. edit: Thanks to above... I'll see if I can figure it out!
  5. I have no idea how to progress past the snake/riddle. I've tried using everything in my inventory on everyone (pretty much). I have no idea where to go next. In my inventory I have a stool, the ladder, cloud shoes (unless I put them on), the stained glass, and the "art". I've been accepted to be a maiden, but can't get any further. Any hints? (Or just telling me what the next step is?)
  6. Well, when the bird pushes your ladder off, it sinks through the cloud... So being pushed off isn't the problem, it's sinking that's the problem.
  7. Part way through the first Malek quest, audio cut out. What I've done (maybe helpful, I hope?): I statred with Vella's chapter through getting the axe and talking with the tree, and had just walked into the Shell town before switching to Shay. I played through Shay's missions in order top-bottom, then opened the gift from mission (4) in the avalanche mission, then fell down in the train mission--I didn't loop through any more than that. In the second phase of the rescue mission minigame, I selected the target on the right side, and the last 2 lines of dialogue were silent (with subtitles showing), and then Shay's line when you get control again was also silent (with subs showing). I saved, and exit to desktop. Emailing DXdiag and my auto save and manual save files to support@doublefine.com with a link to this thread presently. edit: audio is now working properly after relaunching to "Continue"
  8. Yeah, I think you're right. Oh well. A few more minutes aren't a big deal; not really surprising if they have different processes for each. Here's hoping the email comes quickly! edit:
  9. Indeed; where? It's not showing up on my humble bundle library page, which is how past KS projects have worked. Where should I be looking?
  10. Agreed. I prefer this style! Talking about what's going on makes way more sense to me than a list of technical bullet points like "raycast traced the girl's vertex cloud".
  11. You do realize that this ‘multimillion dollar game’ was made with our (that’s yours and mine) money and not some random third party right? My money, my honey, as an old man down the street used to say. I’m just putting in perspective, as to why some people may be bothered by this. I don't see how anyone could realistically expect Double Fine to do it any other way... they lose a lot of the impact if "rumours" from a "backer only" forum come before the official announcement. Marketing and hype are very important for games. It's not like there's anything on that site that we don't have far more detail about, having seen the documentary. Press releases and marketing materials will be released to everyone simultaneously, and backers shouldn't have any expectation of getting an "early scoop", since that defeats a lot of the public hype they want/need for this game to be successful.
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