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  1. Will Tim be going to PAX East this year? Also, are you guys attending the pre-PAX party at the NERD Center in Cambridge that Thursday night before PAX? Usually a lot of Boston developers there every year. Link is here: http://paxparty2013.eventbrite.com/. Edit: Also, I might be interested in helping you run your booth. I helped out with the Warner Bros. Games booth when I worked there a couple years ago. I checked out the link you put up there but it just goes to the jobs page and doesn't say anything specific about volunteering at the event. Do you just want people to send in resumes to your normal jobs email address and indicate they are interested in volunteering?
  2. DF needs to address where the pre-order money is going. If it's just for general money for the studio, the $15 Kickstarter reward tier really meant nothing and the promise of exclusivity is being broken. I'm with you, assuming DF puts all of the money from the pre-order into DFA. It's more the principle of the thing and being able to trust DF when they make some other future promise that may impact our wallets.
  3. I think the main issue that needs to be addressed by DF is whether the pre-order money is going to be spent directly on DFA or it will just be general money for the studio. If the money is going to be spent solely on DFA, then I don't mind if people get the same benefits as we did for being backers. It'll just make the game we backed even better. If the money is not necessarily for DFA, then I will feel like the promised exclusivity of the Kickstarter rewards meant nothing. As some people have mentioned, it's not really whether allowing more people access will have a huge effect on the forum community or not, it's the breaking of promises that is disheartening.
  4. I worked in the game industry as a software engineer for about five years and now I'm moving to another large game company as a product manager working on features. My best advice to people who want to break in is try and land a QA job. Do that for awhile and then move from there to the area you're actually interested in....game systems, world building, content design, animation, sound, whatever. I've seen a lot of people make the move from QA to these departments after putting in a year or two of solid QA work while learning the skills they need to move to where they want on the side. Not everyone is able to make the move, but if you're really determined and show the company you mean business, you'll have a good shot. Having a website with a portfolio of your work always helps (depending on the position).
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