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  1. Spiffy new site. Yay! Now add a dark theme, please! Do it. Dooooo it.
  2. I hear this is the place to whine about new stuffs? GIMME NEW EPSIDOE NAOW
  3. I wasn't able to watch the stream of the game today, but was part of the discussion, kinda. I've played Monkey Island 2 before several times, and here's my rating, Cheese style: The world and environment is top-notch, I'd say the flashback style worked pretty well (and was extended and then misused nicely ), and I didn't have much problem with the pacing either. The comedy and writing was also top-notch. Having a chat with Cheese on IRC made me realise perhaps that there wasn't much character developement IN the game, but if you take it as a continuation of Monkey Island 1, having played that, it goes interesting and enjoyable places. Oh...and of course, that ending . So I'd give story 9. I find it a bit difficult to judge usability, because the game used a boilerplate verb-list adventure game GUI of that time. It worked well, it was definitely an improvement on what came before it, and I personally even prefer it to the later verbcoin system. People consider the simple 2-button system even MORE of an improvement over the verb-list system, but I'm not sure how much I'd have appreciated it used here. I personally can't think of how they could've improved it, and I don't think the Special Edition did. So I'd give Usability 8, but I acknowledge my bias as an adventure gamer grown from that time, being an extension of the text adventure systems. The Gameplay is also a bit hard, considering that again, it was pretty standard for adventure games of the time. The fact that it rewarded exploration and investigation rather than killing you for it made it an easy-going game to play (not that constant-deaths of other games are a negative point against them, though...different styles for different games, I guess). The difficult version was admittedly too difficult for me, I finished it on easy, and completed difficult years later with the advent of the internet, but I suppose that is the purpose of difficult settings . So with nothing special (at least compared to its other points), but nothing bad either, I'd rate Gameplay at 7. Now the "Assets". Incredible aesthetic, art style worked perfectly, music was some of the best ever in video games if you ask me. This is the easiest for me to rate: 10 Finally, the impact. We're still talking about how incredible it is, almost 25 years on, so it definitely had an impact. While I consider many of the additions of the Special Edition sub-par, the fact that it was made is testament to its impact. You could play the game today, and I'd say it'd still hold up for the most part. Considered the best adventure game ever by many, including Jonathanfrisby . Heck, if I mentioned a list of my favourite games, MI2 would definitely be up there. Replayable at least once, although I'm not sure if I count that as a measure of impact. The "assets" and "story" definitely combined to make it incredibly immersive. So again, I'd rate impact at 9. So that totals to...43. But only with me purposely rating myself down in areas I could. Definitely one of the bests. And possible THE best adventure game, in my opinion.
  4. Didn't really like any of the options either, but I picked "Young Monsters". Could refer to the two protagonists, and not the monsters that everyone is saying only show up in the girl's story. In my opinion, a better title would be something more personally connected to the story, like the name of the places they are, or the two protagonists' names, rather than vague names trying to latch on to some idea of what people think the basis of the story is.
  5. This is pretty cool! I'd offer my help as an urdu translator but I get the feeling I may possibly be the only urdu-speaking backer on this project .
  6. The story would probably be fairly incomprehensible, depending on whether you mean the last chronologically, or in the order they were released. Probably incomprehensible if you skipped any either way . And I don't think Yahtzee (the guy who made them) calls them the Chzo Mythos...that is just something that caught on. Calling them the "Trilby Games" wouldn't really work either, because you only really played as Trilby in 2 of them (or 3 if you count the unconnected "Art of Theft"), although he was referenced in all of the games. Yahtzee himself calls them the "John Defoe Quadrilogy/Series".
  7. Play my game http://www.adventuregamestudio.co.uk/Games.aspx/Detail/620 To be totally honest, I made this ages, ago, and it is a pretty short 5 minute game (more a proof of concept than anything else), but I'm still pretty proud of it. Time travelling alien escape the room game! ;D
  8. Are you brave enough to do.... A SPACE-MUSLIM COLONY! With funky space-muslim repeating pattern architecture, Space-mosques, astronaut-hijab-suits, and a space-carpet transportation system. You could call it middle-space eastern colony if you didn't want to use the term muslim....
  9. I myself gave my small pledge some time in the beginning, and had it accepted, and had no issues. Then on the day after the funding finished, I wake up late to see a message that my payment had failed and ACTION WAS NEEDED! After a frantic day or two of finding out what was up (turned out my debit card had stopped supporting online payments), and another frantic day or two of getting a credit card to use, I was finally able to make the payment. I have no idea how long it allowed you to wait before it stopped, but I was thankfully able to squeeze in. It would've been nicer if it had warned me from the start, I guess, though. So yeah...not always done as "revoking".
  10. I personally will be playing it on my desktop. As it seems the majority will. I certainly don't have any problem with it being released for phones or tablets and such, it would be unfair not to, except ONE issue, which is a major issue for me, which is probably one of the few "inputs" I'd have (I'm not having any preference for story elements or puzzle types, I'm trusting DFP to shine, no matter how tired or cliched a plot or theme they may possibly choose). If (well, since) it is going to be on multiple platforms with vastly differing methods of input (Keyboard vs gamepad vs touchscreen), PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I hope they don't optimise the interface for only one of these platforms, and then use this interface on all the platforms. I have no desire to be sitting on my computer and having to click, hold and drag the mouse to make my character walk, for example (the only Tales of Monkey Island game I played). I have no desire to have to scroll through and click menu items one at a time in a linear sequence, when I have several buttons on my keyboard, and 4 directional arrow keys (like in Skyrim). So yeah, if I was being selfish, I'd say design for the desktop, and then optimise for whatever the other platforms are. Whatever happens, I hope they don't have one platform suffer in in the UI simply because that works easier like that on the other platform. But hey.... I trust they know how to do things right, I guess (hope ;P).
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