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  1. So I'm inside the ship, have talked to Marek, and have grown my head 2 sizes to fool Mom. However, I can't figure out what the name of Shay's favorite stuffed animal is. I've clicked on and made notes of everything clickable in the little museum: Snake stuffed animal, shoe size 7 Sad sack Shay age 8: fireman drawing, hosing down building full of ghosts Second place shoe tying contest First place hugging marathon Safety award, footwear category Shoe fairy red striped cool, green with skulls. Wants red with skulls Best actor: purple boots the musical Medibot exam report. Healthy development. Growth spurt at 6: 3 shoe sizes, 2 inches. Splarg therapy is working Safety award, aquatics category Painting of what looks like a red boot Shays first space boots, age 5 And I believe it has something to do with the snake stuffed animal, but none of these report any clues, and I kept being kicked back here. Its driving me crazy! Any help?
  2. On one hand, it feels like losing a part of the cool kids club. On the other hand, it's been publicly available for money for a while now. Go ahead, release it. It's a damn good look into game development
  3. I'm not smart enough to think of an animation question that is good that hasn't been asked already, so I'll resort to my back up question for stuff like this: If you could be any kind of tree, what tree would you be and why?
  4. So I know all the AF games are PC only, but I have them on my Steam account. On the Mac (and Linux) versions of Steam, games that work on Mac have their own drop down tab under Library (like All Games, Downloaded Games, etc). Recently, Hack 'n' Slash has showed up there. This happens for quite a few PC games, and then goes away after a while, but sometimes it signals that a Mac version is uploaded to Steam in some form, whether it be a Beta or a developer goofing around with multiple system builds. So, why is there a Mac version showing up?
  5. Made a quick 1 minute video. Nothing special, but I would do anything to support this project.
  6. Always looking forward to the IGF awards every year, because its a great show, and great games get their due, yet I never really stay after for the GDC Awards. I decided earlier that this is changing this year, and now I know that Broken Age will debut then so I'm more excited than before! Loving the name, and all this news, and excited to see more!
  7. As quite a lot of us know by know, "Broken Age" is the official title for Reds, announced during the DFA PAX East Panel, and now a website (http://www.brokenagegame.com/) is up, offering limited story info (less than what we know), and providing a cleaner way to pre-order. There are two tiers here: Pre-order and Beta Access for $15 and Pre-Order, Beta Access, and Backer Access (Slacker Backer Package) for $30. Considering we are already calling it a "Pre-order" at this stage, how close is the team to completion? The updates and videos make it seem like only one section of the game is very near content/code/art complete, while the others (especially the boy's story) are very WIP. Also, if we are offering beta pre-orders, how soon will we be able to try out the beta? I for one would really like to try out the Hour of Fun build, if that is at all possible.
  8. I voted for Small Offerings, but it was a hard choice. Though, I think it would be fun if it was just called "Reds"
  9. So an update for Psychonauts for Mac was pushed today on the Humble Bundle pages. There is no patch list, and as far as I know, its not available on Steam (yet). Do we have any official word on what it fixed?
  10. Has anyone tried running any of the prototypes in WINE yet? Or are they still too new?
  11. From a cuber (who has some of the stuff on Tims desk, but not all), the curved white plastic 3x3x3 is from V-Cube http://www.v-cubes.com/index.php
  12. Great update, as usual. Really cool to hear the themes of the characters, while not final. The Cloud area really reminds me of the Village area in Botanicula, and the way you get there is really similar. That crazy Botanicula feel, plus the Bagel art which kinda reminds me of Coraline (for whatever reason) gives me this amazing dream like feel already, even though its nowhere done. Really glad to see that while the art may have hitches, the puzzles and story, and such are really coming together. Marius I think was a great choice, even for a brief period. I first heard of him from his Monkey Island parody, and then he did more parodies for the TellTale entry to that series. For him to work on his favorite series, and his personal heroes is really sweet. Also: I saw a "cloud saves" post-it on the tech wall. This makes me really happy. I'm playing through Deponia right now, and lack of cloud-saves for a game that has 10 puzzles at once in one act is pretty crazy.
  13. With all due respect I have to disagree. IG:TM is about passionate people doing passionate work, which is extremely difficult in any field. The film doesn't sugar coat that at all, IMO. I'm also not sure where the film communicated "video games are not a business" to you - I felt there was a great deal of "business" content, if you will. We see Team Meat hurrying to meat a deadline so they can be in a sale, worrying about their visibility on the market place, and we see Phil Fish go crazy from worry due to legal difficulties in the middle of preparing for PAX, an important part of their marketing strategy, not to mention the things that just get mentioned (presumably because they aren't interesting to film) such as Team Meat's difficulties communicating with Microsoft and Ploytron losing their funding from the Canadian government (I believe this happened before filming began). These small teams have to deal all the same business problems of a larger company, just on a smaller scale. They have to balance dealing with that with the actual act of creation, which is no different for independent game developers than it is for independent film makers or anyone else doing what I guess you could call "freelance" work. I thought the movie did a fine job showing that. Moreover, I think most of the people who were in that made successful games. So whether or not they were naive, their games made money, in the end. And so do a lot of indies. And the good thing about the indie space is that there is room in it for people who aren't necessarily chasing the maximum profit route. It runs the gamut from people just tinkering in their spare time to people who have already released big successes and have a lot of freedom because of it. And people who don't make games full time right now but may do so in future. IG:TM may not be an unrealistic look at the indie game industry, rather just a fairly specific one that doesn't cover all these bases, instead focusing on a few stories, from my understanding (I haven't been able to see all of it yet) I may be just a bit biased, being a backer for IG:TM, but the movie was originally going to focus on a bunch of indie devs talking about their project, small to big, the Team Meats to the "Project Zomboid"'s. It was originally going to be a documentary exposing this little known culture thats hidden behind "Green Space Marine 4" and "Shooty Gun Guy". Later, when they looked at some of the footage, they decided instead of this insane spread of one developer to another, to another, to another, no connecting story other than "I like to make games", they decided to focus down on Team Meat, Phil Fish, and Jon Blow. Jon Blow was already a success, and they were planning on using him as a counterpart to FEZ or Super Meat Boy if either one of them failed, which everyone involved in the film now jokes that one of them should have, as it would have made a better movie, but they were not expecting SMB to be a success, and the film ends just before FEZ came out, which is also a success. The glamorization of the "big indie" in the movie was completely accidental. When SMB was a success, they flew out to see Edmund again to film some ending stuff, but the whole movie really was about the passion of these people, and the love, and the detail, and the blood, sweat, and tears that go into making something like a independent game that many wouldn't know about. I personally see it as a film exploring passion of people, and why they make games, and a perfect example of games as an artform.
  14. Is there a way to gift a slacker backer account? It currently seems that it is tied to the email of a paypal account you purchase it with. I have a friend who missed the kickstarter and can't afford to buy the slacker backer account at this time...
  15. Going back to the first Sidequest, Tim said that they still record lines for Double Fine games at Skywalker Ranch. Is that going to happen for this game?
  16. Very cool! Always interesting to see how stuff like this comes together
  17. Loving Tim with the Portillo's shirt, ate there yesterday as my first meal back in the states. Absolutely one of my favorite Chicago restaurants. Great job as always with the episode guys!
  18. I truly hope there is a Mac version. It seems interesting, and Ron seems to be a mac guy, tweeting stuff like "Is Torchlight 2 for mac? If not I may need to Torchlight somebody" And yeah, it does feel odd that SEGA is doing it...
  19. Hi all! My name is Luca, and I am 16 years old. I think I might be one of the youngest on here, but Adventure Games have been a big part of my childhood. I grew up on pretty much every Humongous Entertainment game I could get my hands on, and only recently learned of Ron's involvement which blew my mind. When Monkey Island: SE came out for the iPhone (I have no Xbox, and am a Mac user) I was swept away into the elder years of this wonderful genre. Claims to fame: uuuhhhh, I can solve a Rubik's Cube! And I met the voice actress of GLaDOS once!
  20. John Patrick Lowrie or Ellen McLain would be awesome in DFA. I met them at a convention a while ago. Both seemed to have completely full schedules with stage shows, other voice work, etc, so it might be hard to get them
  21. When should we expect the HD downloads? Later down the road, or at the end of the whole project, or what?
  22. Of course I do! I grew up on those. I recently dug out my old Spy Fox 2 disc and got it running on SCUMMVM
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