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  1. Oh, that's the fossil thing I was talking about. Long story, but there was a public-input game of pokemon played on twitch, which led to a lot of jokes based around the playing of that game. Dome and Helix are two fossils, since helix fossil is high in the inventory it got randomly selected a lot, so a kind of joke "religion" got formed to explain why they were consulting it all the time. I'm not a big pokemon fan, but I love watching weird patterns create culture, so I watched my fair share of that stream. So probably not a lot to read into dead guy's files. Except that they exist in the first place. If he were just going to be dead and un-buddy-able through the game, I would think they'd just write in one group of responses for everything. Dunno how the setup works for programming segments of the game, but he has the same core "acts" as everyone else, so that could hint that he might be fleshed out in some way eventually. I wanted to be buddies with dead guy--he could really use a friend.
  2. First of all spoilers. Seriously. And if you haven't seen the credits yet, you haven't finished the game. If you're stuck somewhere around the potato, try walking around. I didn't realize I had control the first time. So, the wicked end is pretty neat. I really wasn't expecting the potato, or the smoking potato, or transporting to the potato, or potatoing around as the potato from the beginning. I haven't had much time to think about these questions, but they're definitely questions and I figured I'd put 'em out there to be discussed. Speculate away--there are no right answers unless you're Pen Ward, and even then it's a little iffy. Why does Big Leg seem like the only normal bud? Would he turn vicious if you picked somebody else? What's the deal with dead guy? Why is he dead? Why is moosh-face ground bud in that hole? Big Leg said he buried him in the woods. Were there woods there at one point? Does Big Leg not know what woods are? Who was mouth hole to begin with? He probably had a cool feature or prop like the other buds. Is that feature why Big Leg killed him? Or was it an accident? Who is the ski mask dude? Where'd the money come from? Why is his door barricaded shut? How did he drive a car out a hole in a skyscraper and end up in LPBB world (and what's the connection between the two? Are they different worlds or just places in the same world?)? And why does he see everything in black and white? Does it have something to do with the fact that Big Leg's favorite color is greyyy? Why does Big Leg spell it with 3 y's? What's ski mask doing with a picture of you and the cat? Why did he drop you off there and then come back? Why can't you be best friends with ski mask? Also, if you haven't done it yet, take a trip through the .top files in the game data folder. It gives you some cool insight into what the buds can and can't talk about (I was blown away with the amount of stuff I just didn't say cause I didn't think they'd talk about it, this game is deeper than most people will notice). And it hints at what could happen in the future. Also, check out dead guy's files, there's a certain fossil that gets mentioned... Anyway, I really hope this gets picked up into a full game somewhere down the line. Just talking to Big Leg about life was pretty cool, even when he didn't have specific responses. He's a good listener, man. Lots of cool stuff here, good story, love the style, top-notch programming, and pretty thought provoking. It's every reason why I support Double Fine all rolled together.
  3. Spoilers comin' up Ground mouth is a better name. I tried to talk to him for like 5 minutes, but I was calling him scary hole monster. I guess that's a little presumptuous. I mean, if I hadn't talked to big leg I would just think of him as a dude with a big leg. I'm gonna go back and try to get to know scary hole monster better. And I think he's saying "tell me." Can't figure out for the life of me what to tell him though. I told him I wanted to be best friends and he didn't care. Maybe he's just a jerk. If I had to guess though, he's ok seriously, spoilers right here the guy Big Leg squished. Except his face looks pretty un-squished. From what I could see at least. I tried telling him big leg was sorry for killing him and that didn't do much either. Made me feel a little better though.
  4. I put in a couple Maiden/Voyage--I liked the choice with maiden in it, but this (somehow broken up, probably not with a slash, by color would be way cooler) references both individual stories while the whole phrase is kind of about their first time 'outside port' so to speak. Spirit of Abandon--or Reckless Abandon or Principles of Abandon or something. Kind of speaks for itself. I like that we're helping with the grunt work behind the brainstorming, I just hope that Tim can combine this with the details of the story and have that spark like he has for the other games
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