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  1. Well, I can understand you are disappointed, but it's not that they pitched a majestic engraved silver plates and then decided to print some random sketches on toilet paper... I'm sure the poster is high quality, it is original painting by Bagel, so it's unfair to talk about laziness. I understand you were hoping for something else but since there were no reasons for that, try to cheer up. /agree Its definitely better than a concept sketch by Tim of two stick figures sitting back to back on a "tree". I personally like the poster for its overall design and the bragging rights it gives lol. But Ill take the poster for all its worth and id even buy another poster when the game becomes more developed. My hopes is that its something like Tim's sketch, the two main characters sitting back to back in a beautifully rendered scene. Having both those posters next to each other on my wall would certainly be worth more than just bragging rights.
  2. If Tim was a fish, he'd be one with his own point and click adventure game. Lets see how many of you remember these two.
  3. Not saying it wouldn't work. They made rts' work on the console when many said it couldn't be done. Its all about how you design the mechanics. I'm just saying its not for me. I like my adventure games on my pc just like i like my fighting games on my consoles.
  4. They bought the game, nuff said. As long as there's that 15$ wall keeping the minor troll hordes at bay and these forums aren't completely open, I'm cool with this.
  5. You've never played "Harvey's New Eyes" right *lol* ? With the right concept almost everything can work out quite nicely. But for such a concept it's really difficult to make it work, I agree! Exactly, i want a character that gets right to the heart of the matter. This char could work depending on the game. Just not this one
  6. Porting? Point and click on a console? Lol, no thanks. But achievements, those i like. Not for their value on a personal level but that sometimes, they introduce you to different ways the game can be played. Quirky and extra challenging ways. Those are the achievements that i like.
  7. This topic has been discussed in other threads and what you're saying is both ironic and counterproductive on your part. One of the reasons that many of us put money towards this game was so we could also put our 'two cents' towards it. I realize that this forum is basically a glorified reaction gauge and that my personal input has the less power than 1/80,000th of a person (if you consider all backers as one 'consultant') but you shouldn't let that stop you. My advice; Get what you paid for and discuss it.
  8. Cool character design if you're going for a cartoon show or secondary character. But unfortunately, its not main character material. One of the most important lessons you learn in char design for games is that in some genres, the main character has to be an extention of a wish fufillment. I don't know about you but I don't want to spend most of the experiance playing a little girl scout.
  9. /agree I have no doubt df will dissapoint when it comes to the humor aspect of this game.
  10. Entire books have been written to answer the question you're asking. But the answer is far too subjective to answer. The real question is what makes a game sucessful (and again, entire books on the topic but you get the idea)
  11. Wow. Honestly, i thought this post died as soon as i put it up. But I can see all of you giving very excellent points and have given this topic alot of thought. Firstly though, I wanted to talk more about the possibility of kickstarter-esc projects, ones that could possibly be hosted directly from the developer's page or from another source (but still with the same style) What i was thinking was this could be a possible cure for the divide that's been occurring in the industry in terms of pricing. You have the AAA title bracket which hosts games at 60 bucks a pop (and above) and you have the 15 and below bracket. Where's the middle ground? With game budgets as they are, data storage on devices becoming fathoms more efficient, and the possibility of publisher and developer's diminishing returns because of business like game stop, we may see a trend toward online forwarding of products (cut out the middle man) My hope is that game designers and developers will have the creative freedom to bring us the experience that they want to present us without some publisher poking their fingers into the creative process due to money concerns. The most recent example i've seen of this is ME3 (i won't get into it but you know what i'm talking about). The problem is that the publisher is definitely worried about their investment and are going to try to gear thing twords things that have worked previously (because it's safer). Mirror's edge is a great example of a publisher and developer taking a chance but failing to deliver. We need more risks like that if the industry is going to move forward, to learn what we like and to learn from past mistakes. I have an idea for a game that i can never sell. It one of my favorite ideas but i know it will never see shelf time. Why? Because no one else has tried anything like it. The industry cant be afraid of risks. DF took a risk with this kickstarter project and here we are now. Another way for these companies to increase return would be to sell their game in pieces. Ask yourself this, how many AAA games do you buy new in a year? 5? maybe less? And many of you only play that title for one aspect (no one plays Gears of War for the dramatically well written story). Given the choice, i would totally buy the single player run though of a game. If i liked it enough, i could purchase the multiplayer later. Or i could even purchase the single player version without all the side missions for cheaper. It could open up the AAA experience to a much wider crowd and it would also cut out the middle man. I know it sound's like i'm getting off topic here but its what we've done here. Many of us have put 15$ towards the project because it was within our budget and we just wanted the game. Others have put more for different reasons (i put 100$ towards the game so i could open the box on delivery day for that euphoric new cardboard/game smell of old. mmmmmmm) What do you guys think?
  12. Like pc gaming, big publishers will never truely go away (although they may not hold the sway they once did in a few years time). My question for all of you is what do you think movements like this will have on the industry? We are currently part of a project where two of the most well known designers of the decade are at the helm and it feels like everyone else is holding their breath. Just how much is riding on this? Will big publishers be cut out of the loop alltogether? Will designers have the total freedom to ask individual customers for cash? Or will it be a mix, perhaps young designers making a name for themselves first under a big publisher and then breaking away to persue this path? Perhaps I'm just romantisizing this or preeching out of my butt but I am curious to hear what all of you think.
  13. I only cheat for 100 percent completion (like finding those annoying orbs or pieces or feathers or flags etc...)
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