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  1. I always know it's going to be a good day when I hear that Double Fine Adventure intro music.
  2. Have we heard anything about which game has been chosen to be fully developed?
  3. As part of their monthly "Digest" series, John Teti and guest discuss their impressions of the first half of Broken Age, and some kind of yeast paste from England, enjoy! http://www.avclub.com/article/we-break-down-broken-age-and-vile-british-condimen-201519
  4. You guys put so much of your time and energy to make this game and I couldn't be more thankful. I feel awful now for saying the game was too short, seeing Tim watch that guy play at the end of the episode really touched me, you bastards. I am so excited for act 2 now, congratulations on an fantastic first half.
  5. I didn't see it coming at all, but I knew for sure Alex couldn't be Shay as an adult since it was just too damn obvious. I'm really glad I was right, and that ending was freaking bananas. I loved it and I can't wait for the next act. Please be longer, please be longer, please be longer...
  6. I guess I'm one of the few who was 'Mostly Disappointed". It's hard to say that because I think the game is very fun, has a lot of great humor and is full of fantastic ideas. The problem is that things move along too quickly that the ideas don't seem to become fully realized. I'm sure with a bit more money and a lot more time then they would have been able to really make this game an epic on the scale of DotT or Grim Fandango, but as it is the game seems more like a demo, and that's just disappointing, mostly.
  7. One of the things about adventure games is that you are rewarded sometimes for not solving the puzzles too quickly (even if it was by accident). When I played I knew to stay away from those holes because it meant falling through the cloud and being brought back to the main plaza, and honestly it took me quite a while to figure out what I needed to do to get Gus out of the tree, lol. I'm sorry you missed the dialogue, but that just means you have an incentive to replay the game!
  8. I almost did that too. In fact I clicked on the Shay icon in Vella's story by accident and I was like "Oh, okay."
  9. Why was Will Wright under the special thanks part? I don't under stand. I also would like to know! Probably because he's awesome. I usually begin my day saying a quick prayer and thank you to Will Wright.
  10. That's awesome! I knew it was the Ticket to Ride guy as soon as I saw him.
  11. I had a similar situation happen, but when I returned up the ladder I walked all around the cloud colony and then when I was going back to the area with the ladder down to Curtis' cabin from the main cloud plaza area, the game crashed. Luckily it appears to have auto saved so I didn't lose anything, yay!
  12. This has also happened to me, just thought I'd chime in.
  13. Great episode you guys, keep it up. The game is looking better and better each time we get one of these and I am super stoked for January!
  14. A friend of mine was one of the level designers on Bioshock 2, so yay for that! I think he worked on the Siren's Alley portion, or maybe Dionysus Park. I can't remember.
  15. These episodes are painfully good. Keep up the great work 2 Player!
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