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  1. Could you do anything with the ice cream mountain? Could you pick up different flavours of ice cream? Could you mix them? Could you put them anywhere else in the world? Did the behaviour of the snake differ at all if you applied different inventory items or approached differently? Oh, that was not possible? Could you pick up the fishing poles? ... Nah. You don't think much about those things if you don't have the impression that you *could* use them. The game is like a chain of 2- or 3-part jigsaw puzzles, each one quite easy to solve and without many alternative options to consider. It really bothered me that the characters only picked up some stuff (the stuff they magically "knew" they would use later) and even threw away some stuff after using it. Why would anybody throw away a perfectly fine tool when going on an adventure?? I would have wanted to try to re-use that stuff later!
  2. Yes!!! This is all so true. It's the core of my feelings about this game. And it just shouldn't be possible or *that* easy to collect all the necessary items in advance so that you don't even have to go back and look for them.
  3. Well, they did include hints in the dialogues. But they come too easy. As long as I keep asking everybody everything, I stumble upon hints before I even discover the matching puzzle. If the dialogue evolved more, I would be fine with hints implemented mostly through dialogues. What I really miss is being able to examine the world and the characters more freely/extensively and to get commentaries about those things from the perspective of Shay/Vella. It helps to see the world through their eyes and to understand the steps to solving a puzzle better.
  4. In retrospective, I think I feel the same. The cool thing about the gramps puzzle was that you really needed to get to know the characters and their intentions and then come up with a creative plan. Later, you could quickly succeed just by picking up everything and looking at your inventory when stuck. Well, I also had to spend some thoughts on the propelling device and the fruit, but just because I missed those two items when examining the rooms the first time.
  5. Why do you complain about visible pixels? This is the "old-scool" part that Tim promised. :-P Just kidding. It really bummed me too and distracted me so much that my mind completely left the game for a moment to think about pixels, memory and budgets. That's bad.
  6. I guess it's because Marek wears a Wolf costume. Maybe his mouth is supposed to be under the mask or somewhat.
  7. Yup, that pretty much describes it well...
  8. Same here. I would have expected that breaking out of the routine would require at least some witty combination of inventory items, some preparation of the tracks or pulling some railway switch lever somewhere with something, but instead I broke out by accident instantly while clicking around. I was also disappointed because I hadn't experienced the other routines at that point. Felt way too easy. I generally feel that it has been too straightforward to get necessary items. You can almost always pick something up that you need, without the need to solve a second or third puzzle on the way. Examples for this: Gold Egg from gold bird (bird just flies away) or Propelling device (you can just pick it up, not necessary to unscrew it or so). I also didn't like it when characters sometimes threw away inventory items after using them. I thought "Hey, I could still use that later!" Liked the overall experience though. :-)
  9. The sandcastle being built in the background suddenly disappears which really looks nothing like it being torn down by the sea. Seems as if an animation was missing there.
  10. Also, subtitles are sometimes displayed in one line right at the bottom of the screen. In a high res like 1920x1080 it's impossible to read the subtitles and watch the animation of the characters at the same time. I noticed this in Meriloft. It's a bummer. The subtitles should always be near the face of the speaking character.
  11. The background behind the cloud shoe lady is also disturbingly low-res when seen in close-up.
  12. I see this one too on Windows with 1920x1080. It's like the thing constantly changes direction whilst in full speed, which is physically impossible.
  13. I'm getting some flickering with the same line on Windows with 1920x1080. But I think it only happens when Vella examines the mailbox from the wrong plane (see other bug).
  14. If you're referring to what I think you're referring to, it sounds like there will be a lumberjack in the game, but I doubt it'll be the Hipsterjack. (They can't possibly have a lumberjack without a hipsterjack in-joke reference, though. Right?) They actually included the hipsterjack. Woooooo!
  15. Hipster Lumberjack, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! OMG. So this might be some kind of spoiler, but they actually made him a hipster. I nearly fell of my chair! Loving this!
  16. I can't believe that nobody celebrated the first footage of the hipster lumberjack in-game cameo. Yay!
  17. I don't really agree. Zooms are used rarely today because of the unnatural look of the perspective shift. But there is also a reason why things like dolly tracks, steadicams, jib arms and cranes are widely used in most films now. A lot of those camera movements are used to make the width or depth of a scene stand out or to deliver some change of perspective to the audience. It's not so much about zooming all the way in from space to a rusty bumper on a junkyard, but about camera movement that cannot be done with tilting and panning and makes a scene more interesting. From the "visual style" videos and the programming updates, I understood that DF is experimenting with camera Z-motion and I am totally looking forward to it. Edit: Oh, I think I got you now. You already wrote that this effect might be used in some scenes.
  18. I LOVE it! This also caught my attention when I was watching the video. When the camera was "dollying" towards the house, I felt that the contrast remained too low. It is fine for a background, but it should look less washed out when we approach it. A note on interaction hints: I'm not sure whether highlighting works well on touch devices. My fingers always block the view on the underlying item. I think that a text hint above the item would work better. Also, I have trouble exploring old point and click adventure games for interaction spots. I don't like swiping all across the screen in every room and tapping on stuff always makes the character walk there. There should be something like a spyglass icon that I can hold down while exploring the world with the other finger. Showing all possible interactions of a room should only be optional for total adventure noobs. I actually like exploring a world if it feels natural. There is a difference between exploring and pixel hunting.
  19. So you actually have a wrapper around your scrum development process providing high-level milestones and plans which can be adjusted whenever necessary from within the scrum process. This makes a lot of sense. The only thing you need to be aware of is to handle a delay in the wrapper milestones in a way that doesn't conflict with scrum. You have a few options like including adding more staff (which has its pitfalls too) and dropping functionality, but "work faster", "work longer", "finish only 50%" or "skip the testing" should be out of the question. I saw that a lot of people in this forum seemed to be interested in agile development, so I thought i'd share the high-level quality factors of agile development (not limited to scrum) with you all. If you neglect any of those in your process and work culture, your project will most certainly be delayed or fail: - communication - experience (with technology, project domain and development process) - timeboxing (also in the meaning of "finish your tasks 100%") - involvement of the customer - successive design and refactoring (containing the trade-off between up-front and continuous design) - continuous integration - process improvement Have fun!
  20. Yeah, I mostly agree. What I'm missing a little bit in your model is the ability to realize in the middle of sprint 5 that you need to put some additional effort into some high-level planning as a team and do that without aborting the sprint and switching to waterfall. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't actually do that, so I'm asking: Can you really distinguish those two phases so exactly? But you have a point: As long as the team size is too small for Scrum (1-2 devs) it's probably easier to plan tasks and resources in a gantt-y way. I'm beginning to think that we are talking about the same thing. Maybe "waterfall" simply does not describe very well what you are doing - this term is commonly being associated with a very strict plan-build-test-run scheme and often different people working on these phases. One or two smart developers on their own usually work in a pretty agile way instinctively. They don't need a process like Scrum since there is no need to coordinate a team.
  21. I wrote my diploma thesis on quality factors of agile software development a few years ago. The thesis was heavily theoretical, but I actually found a lot of sources describing this particular problem. It is not really a question of waterfall vs. agile, but more of up-front design vs. continuous design (design meaning software/framework design). Both have pros and cons, so we need to find the right balance. The best model I found to describe the interdependency of both paradigms and to balance them in an agile way is Alistair Cockburns economic coorperative game model. It basically says that development is a round-based game with two competing goals: 1. Finishing your work in this round and 2. setting "markers" that help you to finish quicker in future rounds. The players (the dev team) need to work out the best strategy for their project in every round. In plain english: Keep in mind that some early design choices can be helpful later, and that some outlook into the future is necessary for this to work. But also keep it basic and try to drive the implementation mostly through user stories or what you call it. Scrum does not explicitly prohibit additional design documents and methods (as XP does), so I don't see any reason why you shouldn't ditch ye olde waterfall altogether.
  22. - Locked in at a mall at night - On the conveyor belt of a completely automated factory being pushed around by the machines - Inside a big space ship that crash-landed in a large building. Everything might be tilted or upside-down and you are able to leave and enter the ship through several broken windows or gaps ending up in different levels of the building
  23. Works fine on my HP Touchpad with Android. Vimeo is not buffering and displaying well on that device, so it would definitely be an improvement for me.
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