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  1. im planning on going to europa for an economic recovery trip......how this will help the economy i dont know
  2. darn, well i guess i can tell you that i am actually zee in disguise. hahahaha
  3. wow are you suggesting i have a thing for her? no im married dude
  4. not sure yet, they are giving me lots of suggestions though
  5. nah i want to make it fair for everyone to get a chance to be president
  6. well the business will be taxed if it gets enough income, how you split the way you pay will be up to whatever agreement you have. and how you pay taxes will determine how much income you get out of the business my seceret service agent helped me out with all the bold text and small text stuff
  7. im thankful for this once in a lifetime chance to become president of the united states!
  8. hmm. i guess thats a compliment soooo. thanks @crashtester: yes @man of da zee: hello there.
  9. hello fellow americans (and non americans) i would like to thank my fellow supporters for makng this possible, and urge you non supporters to believe in me. i believe that together, we can do great things.
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