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  1. Worked beautifully! I can finally play my campaign again! Thank you!
  2. Am I missing something or is it ~/Library/Application Support/Doublefine/MASSIVE CHALICE on mac? Either way, I'll try it out. See if I'm able to get it to work. Also the Bulwark fix for stealthed heroes is appreciated. Had three heroes killed in my playthrough from that hahaha.
  3. I'm not guaranteeing any of these are good or reasonable or usable, just that these are what I brainstormed over the day. Enjoy my terrible ideas. Note: The "-" are added for added emphasis on compound names or names with multiple words, as some got a little confusing. Dangerous Crushinator Dragon-Snarl Guardian Otter-Tail Beaver-Fangs Icy-Veins Water-Mouth Thunder-Clap Gnarled-Oak Stone-Lobster Snail-Shell Empty-Coffin Grave-Digger Blood-Flowers Generous-Wolf Tattered Sun-Set Death-Slope Sea-Calamity White-Whale Whale-Teeth Whale-Blubber Rocking-Chair Proven-Prayer In-Due-Time Due-Time Beard-Father World-Ender Duck-Feathers Mead-Head The-Hive Cat's-Eye The-Result Results Trick The-Capstone Muscle-Mass Snow-Tracks The-Herald Crow's-Nest The-Raven Seven-Fingers Two-Brains Two-Minds Scissors Clean-Cut Clear-Cut Rumbles The-Tremor Burninator The-Ancient's-Will The-Deal Good-Song The-Good-Song Hymns Statue The-Statue Fish-Lips Black-Death Dog's-Best-Friend The-Rebellion Last-Stand The-Arrow The-Bluff Bluffing-Lion Chuckling-Woodchuck Prairie-Dog Wheat-Sheaf Tickle-Sickle Sickle Big-Snit Lunar-Jester Moon's-Guide Winter's-Breeze Wind-Runner Tongue One-Ear Caber-Dancer Blade-Ballet One-Shot Two-Hares Focused-Fox Log-Driver Driving-Force Outlandish The-Feared Werewolf's-Smile Double-Spine Brine Salt Moose Scrambled-Egg Ruby Ruby-Eye Saffron Spooky Watching-Eye Arachnid Bird-Nap Killuminati Blood-Wood Ham-Sanitizer Cold-Bear Ice-Cold-Bear Griffin-Eye Griffin-Feathers Eel-Good Havoc Paper-Machete The-Scion God-Stopper Lemon-Aid Whiskey Osmosis Hearty-Soup Grape-Vine River-Sticks Graveyard-Shift Curdles Stalwart-Offender The-Potential Cold-Comedian Shark-Spine Spine-Shark Crystal-Cavern Shambles Spider-Egg Crocodile-Skin Waterfront Dream-View The-Drunkard Dastard Monkey-Feathers Platypus-Bill Mourning-Star The-Fountain The-Close-One Anarchy The-Homeward The-Spirit Theatrics Subtle Lumbering-Dinosaur Lumbering-Dragon Anteater-Eater Rising-Bread The-Jewel Dragon-Snout Moose-Muzzle Penguin-Flippers Wooly-Sheep Nose-Of-The-Sheepdog The-Doctor Brain-Genius The-Ice-Fire The-Winter-Flame Ghast Elephant-King Tusks No-Teeth Toothless Seal-Whiskers Walrus-Blubber Walrus-Tusks
  4. There isn't really one that sticks out, so I'll just comment on a few things that pop out. Also, I'm kinda bad at this so I'll try not to waste your time, but I'm doing that right now so- Top N - I reaaaally like the shape of her head here. Probably my favourite facial shape. Bottom N - I don't think the head fits. Yeah, it is cool, but having such a wide oval head makes her look more sad and depressed, even a little bit helpless. O - The hair makes her look way older than 15. I like the scarf (I think it's a scarf) wrapped around her neck, but it looks like something she'd retreat her face into. It's design kinda makes me think that it is somehow holding her back like it has a grip on her or is manipulated by some other force to shackle her. P - Heh. Looks like an Etrian Odyssey character (Probably due to the stance). I actually like a lot about this design. The top is a lot tighter to the body, but not at all revealing. I like the boots. I love the idea for the bottom, but needs a bit of touching up. She seems maybe too confident though, too... punk? I don't know. Q - I like her huge hair um... spikes. They're cool. S - Really like the hair and her eyes are really striking.
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