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  1. So I got a hero back from the Lash event and he got the special status of "LASH LORD" and his hair turned white and when I went to see what the perk gave me it read "This description is yet to be written." Or something close to that effect. Womp womp.
  2. Yeah I mean where do people get off wanting to have a little fun with creative input that Tim and the crew have the final say in taking or leaving anyways. There is no job for the backers, but if there was one it would be to have a little fun and be creative with our input. I haven't seen a single post, and I have read many, where anyone has demanded anything of the game makers. People are just giving out suggestions and trying to help. Don't consider them disrespectful for wanting to help, not for suggesting things they want to see in what I have found is a very respectful community.
  3. I've seen another topic covering what people prefer for a setting in the adventure. I figured I could dumb it down just a little in a poll setting for an easier consensus on what people would like for the setting of the game to be. I hope this will help get us a great game. Answer the poll for a general idea and feel free to post with specifics. I personally would prefer something gritty and industrial set in a fantasy world. I think a mash up like that would make for a fun environment to explore. An example of that would be Midgar from Final Fantasy VII.
  4. I think most puzzles have merit in an adventure game even if they are difficult or infuriating to me. I'd rather work my way for days through one puzzle just for the feeling of accomplishment, but I do not like puzzles that involve remembering dialogue from 5 hours ago exactly as it was written in the game. Which generally creates a lot of backtracking to find the exact person that told me something I thought was unimportant at the time. Not a fan of that.
  5. A surreal gritty factory setting set in in the middle of a fantastical forest would be just as fun to look at as it would be to play for me.
  6. I approve of this idea as well. It would also be nice to see it if the characters were possibly at cross purposes. One character trying to escape while the other is a guard or something. The comedy aspect of an explosion inadvertently helping the other character would then be heightened.
  7. Crux


    Rather than stagnating in past successes, I prefer to see new great characters to fall in love with. I'd rather see the time and money devoted to making this game as great as the others.
  8. 2D with 3D character models like the latest street fighter.
  9. I am looking for a grungy world with an other worldly feel. I also like the Juxtapose idea that is being floated around, I did enjoy Psychonauts psychic summer camp. Maybe an old western set on a world covered entirely in water, an underground city, or even a office building set in the middle of a fantasy forest could be really fun.
  10. I vote for Darren Korb, he was the man behind the music on the game Bastion. His music accompanied the world so well that it double the immersion I felt when playing the game. He does truly wonderful work if you can get him on your team.
  11. 1. To help Tim and his team create another great game even if I play only a small part in cash. 2. To have another old school point and click come out. 3. To possibly have my voice play a part in creating a great game.
  12. I really enjoyed the scene in Normality where you have to paint the sculpture in the mall with a fire extinguisher filled with paint belted down to stay on. Something about watching my puzzle solving skills whirling and causing chaos that helped me finish my quest there was highly satisfying.
  13. I personally dislike bland worlds. Worlds that I explore everyday when I go out into town provide me with less of a sense of adventure than a creative scifi/fantasy type world can provide. I know if the world is too far from the norm it may be hard to intuit the puzzles around the screen, but possibly a world that is highly stylized like Machinarium. A world when you are in it that just inherently feels otherly even if it still has doors, normal physics, and works just like the real world. I may have slipped into what I would like to see there, but the meat is I wouldn't like to see an everyday world. I've seen what the creative minds at Double Fine can do. Don't let me down
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